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A Determined Man

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Arthur Stark who is in the county jail awaitng trial at the October, term of court for assault on a young lady teacher of Lima township, was detectcd by Deputy Sheriff Fred Gillen yesterday with a nnmber of tools in his possession which he evidently intended to use in making his way to Hberty. Fred had had snspicions for some days that there was something wrong in the cage where Stark has been coufined since his effort of some weeks ago to saw nis way to the ootside. He accordiugly proceeded to examine his oeil. In his bed, wound up in the blanket, ne found a brace which had been flled off his bed. He also fonnd a three cornered file about six or eight inches long. And in a magazine, between the leaves, he discovered three saws made from a case knife. Stark had taken a case kuifa and split it through the middle of the blade. One of the blades had been cut íb two and made into two saws. The other half was made into a single saw. The teeth were very regular, indicating that Stark knew something of steel work. He had built a fire in the vtjntilation fiue in the wall where the slop pail is kept and in this fire tempered the steel. It was a good job throughout. Fred asked him what he had to say for himself. He replied that he was saying nothing. Fred then compellpd him to strip to the skin and be searched He was then transferred to a solitary cell and his old cell stripped and every thiug carefnlly examined. Stark is evidently a sleek one and will bear constant watcbing. He need have no fears that he will escape the vigilauce of the sheriff's force. Much credit is due Fred for his work in discovering what the fellow was np to.