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The Ann Arbor Railroad Co. bas not only sodded the west entrance to the tunnel but has set out fluwer beds, put in a fountain, etc. - Howeil Republioan. Miss Fannie Warner laas been appoiuted manager of the Bell Telephone Co. 's interests liere. Workmen have been at work all tbe week clianging the wire1; and switchboard and the office is uow located in the Kempf bank block. - Chelsea Standard. There were abont 80 of the stockholders in the Manchester creamery and cheese tactory in attendance at the meeting last Saturday afternoon, and a permanent organization was affected. Ten per cent of the capital stoclí,which is $4,000, was paid in aud the association will be incorporated under the state laws. J. A. Lowery, of this village, George Walter, of Bridgewater, John Doerfler, of Norvill, Matt. Alber, of Freedom, and Bert Rose of Sharon, were elected directors for the coming yêar and they elected James A. Lowery president, and Ed. E. Root, secretary and treasurer. - Manchester Euterprise. The following from the Manchester Euterprise is in line with what the Daily Argus publisbed sotne time ago. At the time it caused gome attention by parties interested in the village. The qnestion of what is nuderneath the town can be solved by the citizens it they will be public spirited and pnt up themouey: "Rev. Fr. Greenwald, of Detroit, who has been visiting Fr. Heidenreich, was formerly from Pittsbnrg, and knows something about minerals, and he was positive that there is irou underneath this town and in payiug quantities. He examined some of the soil and vows tnat it is so rich in irou that it would pay to have it ameltad. There are plenty of people here who believe that there are valuable minerals here, but they won 't invest their dollars in ruaking a test. It wonld cost about $3,000 to get a practical man to come here with apparatus to sink a well, say 1,000 feet, but if we could strike coal, iron, oil or gas in paying quantities Manchester would take a boom that would set half our inhabitants crazy. Perhaps that's the rea.son they won't try. "