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TT TH18 íOmr E _. Uj If.An II H ■" irlthln !00 miles Of ChU.ITO, we will . end yoothlt TOP BCQQÏ Bï FRBIHHT C. O. D. VSVUlKBl SIBJECT TO KXiJIIS ATION, yon tan examine It 1 jour Irttfht depot uil ir found -V% )JI ■ PERFBCTLY SATISFACTORY, KXACTLY A8 RKPBKSKNTKD, KQCAL TO BD8S X'IVl'H CO that BKTAILATeo.ooto 76.oo .nd THE QRAHDEST IAAQAIH ÏOU EVER SAW, ij5c!iBHnk C3 p.j th.freighi .Be.t OUR SPECIAL PRICES38.9O, _-r" .. WVMBBË.SSL nd freight charges, less the 11.00 sent with order. XxlxBvCfiS BrVTV WF MAKFTHI; TOP RllfiRY in otB owk factorï i Chicago, -ÍVlCBiíM Büfciii" makers put in ÍJ5.0U buggies. Latest Style For 1899. BodJ, I fjfflE WBB% BsM 2(i54 trom the Best Seasoned Wood. Ocr, Best That Money t'aa #9{m3 -t Build. Knd Spring, as illustrated, or Brewster BideBar. Wbeels, Xjt A Jn&}ytL'GfrAl föcnS f High Grade Bcrewed Rim Sarven's Patent. Top, 24 ounce, Daily VwSïkVvT Rubber Heartly Lined, full side and back curtains. P.lnUne, X-vf Jjfl A-Agt lxAJH&, teed equal to any H50.00 buggywork. Body black, Geardark green ■ fc. - 'VrMfc.' I"J' Y-JM or Red. Upholsterini:, hearr green Frenen body eloth or Eru't Leather. 'ifcrf aMHr S38.90 ISOURSPECIALMICErortopbnssreomplet, wlde or n.rrow tMCk. f.ll lenjth slde and blek mrtaliii, atom pron, earpet, wreneh, anU-raltlen and hafts. QUARAHTEED TWO TEARS will last a Ufetime. For Bnmtlei atí 15.9S and op, write FOR frek Bifior Catalogue. YOU CAN MAKE 500.00 ThiB Year SeUing OtTR S38.9G BUGOIES. OHDER ONE TO-DAT, YOTJ CAN 8BLL IT FOB $60.00. BOITT DÏLAT. ■"" AddVess, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.), CHICAGO. ILL.