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- LTfc. SBmS , _ _ JlM íul Uil ad. oulandsendtui,,,lih il. 00, and o ü! stnd jou (hk MU UñlfeMCiÉ3Ll --LiT- ?WífH I11PKIIVKU ACJIK O.LKKN PiHLOK OKÖAN, by IVelghtU. 0. 1)., subjeM (O Kg SjBtt rxaminatlon. You can examine ít at yournearest ireilit depot. íwF K5s5y7WvíCVSKftj and if you fliici it e.iuetly as representen, equal to organs tluit nuáfíkm'tL'íLWikLdkimÁ&M retailat #75.00 tu #100.0, the greatest value you ever saw and WM HrlH far better than organs advertised by others at moremoncy, jiay I (RMifS, jjfJK SMRE thelreight apent uur special ! day' offer prlcc, $31.75, f LfljflK IWHS leas the tl.OO, orïSO.75, and trelght charges, tafl " 1(71 $31,75 IS PUR SPECIAL 90 DAYS' PRICE SS-Pa II fff ed b, olker,. Kuch u. offer ux ..ever ..u„le belore.'"'1"' Ch"e' .JUIS ÍV'l H THE ACMEOUEENisOneof tllojno.tIU:UAI!LKA.VU81VFKTKSI ÍÍTWfV V tr JCm TOXKU inKtrumenT fitr made. Krom the illustration shown, Which AJE '3?L NO fl tsengraveddlrectfromaphotograph.youcanlormsouioideaofita f ( iiS X -'-M tWSICW beutiful appenrance. Mude from ollil fliinrter 8wed A B I.,'? ,i n ■ .fclSsJBl' ok,anttqueflnish,handsomelydecoratedandornamented 2&LfliF flB 1H latet lNi!ttyle. TUK ACJIK QCKKMsO feet 5 inches high S ; 3'IÍT'OuPQIP 42 inches long, 23 inches wlde andweighs SSOpounds. FBS H talns 5 octaves, 11 stops, asfollows: Diapasón, l-rlncipa], JH Sf HJ Dnlclana, Holodla, trícale., Boss Coupler, Trrble SjKi yiitTTTjB Coupler, Diapasón Forte and Vox Humana; 2 Oeta.r Conplcr H Sf L4 1 Ton. Sire, 1 firnnd Organ Swell, 4 Sel Orcl.tstral Toned iJSP Swll Ke.on.lorr Pipe u.llty Rd,, 1 Sel of 37 Pare Sweet Belodla 1t[_]ZZIjlZi ïL&&LèL JÈÊ ffl 24 KIcU Jlellorr Smoolh Diapasón Keed., 1 Set of 24 Fleming IS ffi& BoftJlelod IOU. Principal Heed. THE ACME QUEEN acFB I WÊWSm Uon consistof thccelebratedNowell Reed., which ure ouly I B s==Z.HHf.!:lWP' used in the hlghest grade instrumcnts; iltted withHam''M HO MÊWj mond Conplen and Yoi Humana, also best Dolge felts, BK! MM KréSESi Mmmm imilil AEMK ÜEEN is furnished with a 10x14 beveled Ifc -■! platerreuch mirror, nlckol plated pedal frames, 5ÜI Ifl and every modern lmprovement. We rurnkh fre a TB Jll ' orSn stool and the bent organ lmtructlon book puuli.hed. jM GUARANTEED 25 YEARS. Ú M 1 Issue a written binding 26-year guarantee, by the ttiÊtKfJB ÈlMa H not dealt with us ask your neighbor about us.write ':'Í, ;j--"---aJB F--,' the publisher of this paperor Metropolitan National ' ; " '" -" ■- ■ '■'' ■ :- '■'■ ."' " ) ■' Bnk, or Corn Eichange Nat. Bank, Chicago; or Gorman Exchange Bank, New York : or any railroad or eipreas rS.7ÍS ' j nicago. We hare a capital f oer $100,000.00, occupy entirc one of tbe largest business blocksia L.j Í e omplpy nearly 2,000 people In our own building. WK SlLL OR0i!(8 AT 22.00 nd np; pianos, 1U.00 uanp; lso every thing in musical instrument at loweet wholoMle priee. Write for free special organ, piano ndmu,lcllnatrument catalogue. AddreiB, (tan, 4 Ca. u. !h.r.m.iyrUlle. _ílt.r. SEARS.vpOEBUCK A CO. (Inc.), Fulton, Deiplainet ind Waytnin Stt., CHICAGO. ILL.