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wrra one_ voice. JVnn Arbor Poople Who Have Investigated are a Unit on the Subject. The voice of the people I's beard all over the land Trumhet notes of truth í-ounded f rom Ea-t to West Ann Arbor lias joined the thron? Many a citizen lifts hls voice in prat e Eutliusiastii; people everywbere Backs rellev d of heavy burdens INights of sufferinj?, days of misery Become nights of rest -ja i days of joy It's the constant, working of Doan's Kidney l'ilis Are these repons ;ill true? Here's an Aun Arbor man; Ask his opinión: , Mr. Lawrence OToole, of 1825 Ifill St., says; ''The pain across my back were ilmost constant mil were so ■severe at times tliat I was uiten obliged to geX my back against tli wall bft'ore ïcouldstraiglilen. Icould l.anlly rest in any position and wns as tired m the cnorning as the night bef ore. I eou.d tiot stoop to piek anythiiig off the ground and was, 'generally speaking. used up. The kidney secretions deposited a heavy sediment and were too frequent, gieatly dfsturbirig my rest at inght. I was hotliereti mucli Avith headache and spells of diziiest I wore piasters until 1 was tire cl of them and took ■ lot medicine hut itdid ane no good. Wheii I saw Duan's kidney Pilis advertised. I feit eonfident they would help me and I pot a Lox at Ebërbach & Son's dru? stoiv. They lid at once and in a short time they thoroughly cured me. Doan's Kidney Pilis for sale by all dealers. Price 59 cents per box. Sent by mail on reeeipt of price. Foster Milburn Co. , soleagents for the United States, Buffalo, N. Y. Kemember the name DOAN'S and take no other. CARL T. STORH, LAWYER. office over Ann Arbor, T ARMERS & MECHANICS BANK Mich, SEND US ONE DOLLAR Síidyou tm ".ib. new 1899 pattcrn hlgh-gradc KKSKBVOlK COAL AND W0OD COOK 8T0VK, by freight C.O.D., subject to examination. Examino it at i r===_, depot and if -■-- - SSjiSfrïXrTi found TffH6?TK Í9wnH and tbc jrreatcst SwS'aaïBHÏIÏ ever "ww " ' wËrffimïfli Uw less the íl.OOfcg ]R WRITE FOROUR BIG FREE tent withor-fl STOVE CATALOGUE. dër or $12.00 andfreight chaises. This stove is size No. 8, oven 13 16j4xl8xll, top is 42x23; made f rom best pig iron, extra large flues, heavy covers, heavy linings and grates, large oven shelf, beavy tin-lined oven door, handsome pi ated ornamentations and trimmings, extra large deep, genuineSlandishporcelainllned resertolr, handsome large ornamented base. Best eoal borner made, and we furnish FKKK an extra wood grate, making it a perf eet wtH'd buropr. WE ISSUE A BINDINQGDARA3TKK witli ■every etove and guaranteo safe delivery toyourrailroad station. Your local dealer would charge you $25.00 ior fiucb. a stove, the freight ís only about 81.00 for each SOO miles, sowesaTeyoaat least $10.00. Addn-ss, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO.(INC) CHICAGO, ILL (Seara, Boebuek & Co. are tborongblr reUtble.- Editor.) tóesrf & 1 Ai %tJT &m$ aaJ? M. MANUt'ACTUKEtïS OS riNELY [llDumiDC riNisMED rüniii 1 une AI,r, KINDS OF LIBRARIES BARBER SHOPS STORES MILL1NERY SALOONS E'yiPORHJMS Etc. ate. DESIGN WORK A SPECiALTY. Hepairing of Furnittire of Every Description. O Lutz &; Son. Office and Fnctory on Vine St.. Near V. Liberty St. Ann Arbér, - - Michigan New State Telepbone No. 273. hairRbalsafw SBMÈtpiZjjRCtfinTi'-s auJ beautifies the ftur. ' feffll Hctk Fiils to Kestore Gray I We % Need c y Two y Horses 5 Once i ï and will allow good price for them to apply on piano 1 or organ purchase. ANN ARBOR MUSIC CO. I 205-207 E. Wash. St. DR. H. K. LUM, Physician and Burgeon. OJflce: 106 N. Fourth Ave., Ann Arbor, nich. County calla pvomptly at tended to. Houra, 8 to 9 a. m ; 1 to t p. m. and '. iJ. ni. New state Phone- House, 260: office, 67 rines.