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Mustered In And Out

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The Detroit Eveniug News amoiig tither tbings coiiceiuiug the 31st Michigan, says: The hisiory of the 31st Micbigau volunteer infuntry is uuique. The first of Michigan regiruents to be enlisted and placed iu the field, it is the last to be mnst'erea out and returned home, wbile ita year and a uioüth's service has b?eu wearily barren of adventure. Jnst what was responsible tor the holding Dack of this more than ordiuarily vvell-equipped aud well-condiricned ccmruuud has liever been satisfactorily explaiuded, aud will appareutly always remaiu a matter for surmise. The inen, however, have frum time to time expressed the opinión that political influences militated agaiust their being sent to the front aud snffered them to endure an inglorious career of camp monctony. But in serving thus tbey set an example of patiënt fidelity to duty quite as worthy of emulation a heroic exploits. They did all within th?ir power, and won for theraselves a respect aud admiration quite as lasting as that gained by others uuder Spani?h fire. Oo. A, Aun Arbor, was the first of the regiment to mustered in, its trausftr from the militia to the volunteer hranch of the service occurring at Oamp Eaton, Island Lake, on Sunday, May 8, of last year The conversión of the other companies qtaickly followed, the mnster roll of the entire regiment beiug couflrmed on May 12, wheu it first appeared as a perfected pait of the volanteer army. At this time its streugth was 1,025, but the following mouth it was recruited to 1,325. The number discharged -since that time was somethiug over 20. The regiment left Camp Eaton for Chickamauga on May 15. It remained in the historie but unhealthful park uutil August, when it bade a glad good-bye to Oamp Thomas, and went to Oamp Polaud, Knoxville, Tenn , arriving there on the 22d. It remained in this i'avored spot uutil Jan. 9, 1889, when it proceeded under long-awaited ordrors to Camp Onward. Savanuah, ;G-s., from which statiou Lt ou Jan. 25 boarded the transport Chester bouud for Cuba. It remaiued at Cifnfuegos a few days and on Feb. 9 was stationed at Amaro. It arrived off Savanuah April 17. Foremost anioug the liue officers iu the affectious of the rank and file was Lieut. Martin L. Belser, of Co. A; Aun Arbor. The lieutenaut is a physirian, aud the medicine chest he had with him was always opeu to those who were ailing. He early drove the hospital dispeusary out of business. The records show that of the 1,500 men who have been niembers of the regiireut siuce its organization, üö have died, 1G of this number passing away at Chickamauga, where the' conda t of división liospitals was little less ;han shameful. The ouly death in Company A, was tbat of F. von Waltheusen, of Bay City, who died in the división hospital at Chickamauga of typhoid fever, Aug. il.