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Losses Adjusted

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The loss bythe Mack Furniture Co. 's ïre Monday afternoon was adjusted ly the insurance men Friday. They ook the stock saved and will pay f23,)00 on the policies of $23,500. It is inderstood chat a Chicago man name! 3ans who is in the business of buying lamaged stocks pnrchased the stock for 58,000. He will take the goods out of ;he city. This relieves the Mack Furniure Co. of all its assets. In an nterview with Christian Mack, he laid they had not yet decided whatthey rvould do. Mr. Koch one of the prin:ipal stockholders had gone to Grand Sapids and they had not talked over ;ht)ir future plans. It would be 60 iays before the building would be eady to occupy, which wonld be the ;ime to get ready for the fall trade. If ;he coinpany wonld continue business )r not, was entirely a matter for future ionsideration. The workinen have commenced the vork of repairing the William Aprill jlock today. The plate glass windows iave been boarded up to prevent the further breakage of glass. Architect Charles Sauer is superintending tbe svork. Mr. Aprill says he is not certain if the insurance money will cover the cost of rebuilding or not.