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A New Flowing Well

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A new six inch well of the Ann Arbor Water Co. was ├╝rilled 111 Saturday moruins; at the station ou W. Washington st. A splendid flowing streatu of water was struck at a depth of 9 3 feet. It is estirnated at 25,000 gallons a day. When the pipe is cut off level with the pnrnp honse, the capacity of this well will be increased three fold. What is very peculiar abont this well is that there are other wells within 15 feet where flowing water was struck at a depth of abont 70 feet. This shows the present well taps a lower vein of water. The Water Co. can well congratnlate itself on the location of its W. Washington st. plant. W herever a well has Deen drilled flowing water has baen secured. lts excellent quality ia also so remarkable, the water having been analized by Profs. Vaughan and Novy repeatedly. They declared it almost absolntely pare. The slight trace of iron is very health giving.