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W1TH YOUB ORDER, cntthis ad.outamlsend tt US, and HT-V- L tl J e wül seud yo OUR HIGH ïtulLUBS9rifll iO I I 501 GRADE DROP CAIINET lüROICl SEWINQ MACHINE bjflfiic o D. ■ubjt u, "'KWpB I naüon. ï ou can examine it at your nearest freignt depot and jm , V TOKT I ■ 1 tonnd perfettlj aatliraelor?, exactly as represeoted, II' ' PL JK.%' gaal lo laichla olheri icll ai hirb aa J6O.OO, and THtgpn BMB ra& 6E111TKST BiHlUIS YOU KTKB UKaED OF, pa; ,.r g MÏk frtijktag.otOur Special Offer Prico $15.50 HKS and f reiBht charges. The machine welghj T PB 120 pounds aDd the freight will average 75 cents for eacb 500 miles. ■ Pi CIVE IT THREE MONTHS' TRIAL in jonr o-n home, and HE K' we win return your U5.5O any day you are not satisBed. W teil dif■ SSMB"iB"31 ftrmt nikea aad grtit, of Snin .thior. at S.5O, 10.00, til. 00, B Bf ■ M ■■■ MBB flS.OO.ndnp, all follj deitrlbid la 0r Frte Sfwio M.ehlae CiUlome, iS X I nñDlll - ' " i SIS. SO forlkl. DROP DESK CABINET BURDICK W D I ti. ■Mjl 5 ?5 is the irreatest value ever ofleredbyany house. f II I ■■flal B BEWARE OF IMITATIONS weorS! K4 I ■ IHi ? II Tertisments, oiTenng ooknowa aacblnes under various names, with i ' [ fflvi ■R iLlr S ? i rarious lnducementi. Wrlt ion frleoo la Chicago and lro who re IVI __- - Hfri _ IT S. RELUBLK ASD WHO RÏ KOT. UI CÍ99iSI9!f$ríSa? V " = rnt OUKIJIOIV ITÏRY 600D P01NT OF KVKRÏ HIGH B= aV&&ttÍ&f3rrZLt . I 8RADK BiCHISK BiDB, WITH THB ' F XE''" jLJüg) ; 5 DBFKCT8 OF K05. HAUE BT THE BEST MAKEK IN AMERICA. s=a S.S ,_BHHaHaHBak FKOM TUE BEST MATERIA!, "" " qgPP f&l?. S0L1D QUARTER SAWED PAK L1, [ PIANO POUSHBD, one illustration shows machine closed, (iieaddropJ M piDgfromsifrht) to beusedasactnter tabl. Uod er desk, the ether " I HÜsI h open with full lciiRih tablú and head in place for sewing, 4 fncy c HBHtB IMrTtlt drawfri, latest 1899 sketrtoo frame, oarved, paneled, embossed and 3 M BWg'y'Tiai ÍBeHr decorated cabinet finish, flnest nickel drawer pulls, rests on 4 cas3 Otw9T ff ' 9 ■■ ypHuBMU)Br ter?, ball bcarinf; adjustabl treadle, genufcie Smyth iroa stand. H mÍ I I 50bW1w funest Uree Hii-hlrm had. positivo four motion feed, self threaüing vibrat ff fa W ■ lb VJMl in? shnttlc, automatic bobbin winder, adjustable bearingrs, patent tensión 55-5 f 11 T ■ B ■Ril liberator, improved loose wheel, adjustable presser foot, improved shuttle ; -3 -3 -5 Lel i I LQNknI carrier, patent needie bar, patent dressjruard. head is handsomely decórate tl iï-u iGsai m SoSflSn and oronncDtpd and bpsatii'ullj NICKEIi TRI3YCIVIED 'S3 tl 51 B UPB CUARANTEED the l!shtl ranning, ■o.tdur.We.ndnearfstnoisM Martin - ■= a iiíl . TjBfflit Bde. ETery known attaehmewt isfurnUhed nd oar Pree Instruetion Boofe teÜ3 ■ce2 hMii (ff9íffi&L&&&SrfírfflJt just howanvone can run it and doeither plaïn or any kind of ïancy work. füyífeíWyll A 2O-YEARS' BINDING GÜAEANTEE is sent with every maolline. sI BHbkKKK! ï IT CCSTS YOU N0TH1NG to nee and examino this machine, compare ie ■■w to $60.00. and tlu'U ií convinced jon ar itrln $25.00 .t $40.00, iii yoor frelght wrt th $15.50, R TO ttKTL'RN TOUIl $1.50 1T at any time within threO monthi you syjoa:-.r 1 oot sitiiCcd. OUDER TO üAY. DÖS'T DELAY. (Scan:, Roebuc1; & Co. are thcrourrhly reUablc- Editor.) ! Address, SEARS, ROE3LCK Li CC. Cno.) Chicago, !!l.;