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Postage to ba Reduced to One Cont. The e...

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Postage to ba Reduced to One Cont. The enormous increase in ti'e nuaiber of letters earried in the U. S. mails raakes it certaiti that the rate of postage must eventunlly bp reduced to one cent an ounce. The President who succeeds in getting sueh a measure through Congress will hold a high place in the esteem of the people, put no higher than esteem in which everybody bolds Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. This medicne has an unequalled record in reducing the sickness of mankinded. It gets at the starting poiut of disease by actiug upon the stomaeh direct, helping: that important organ in its duty of difestingfood. It makes good appetites, allays nervotisness, stiinulate the kuineys, and makes rundown man or women teel like i ïiew person. Try it. " A shplter in time of storm1' Ccok's 10 cent Hitch-Barn, 120 West Hurón. 14tf Wholc Katniiy. Rev. L. . Dunlap, of Moiint Vernon. Mn . says: "My children were afnicted wiih a cougtí resulting from meslHs. ' ii v with a cough that had p-evented lier f rom sleeping, more or !pss fir flvt years, and yuur White Wine of TiirSyruphascured them all.' áB&Qfói, C:ck's Dúchese Tableta, MW? Aro iuccessfully used by over B PV- 10,000 Ladies ; are prepared by an MmSw old anii experienced physician. ■BS. u Ladies ask your draggist for S. ï Cook'i Daebess Tiblets, as they are J 'tpw theonly safendreliablemonfnly medicine known. Price, $1. By mail, $1.08. Send 4 cents postage for Free Sample and full particulars. Address The Cook Company, Room 3 No. 253 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Miok.