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From Tuesday's Daily Argus. The first sleeping car on the Ann Arbor road north yesterday contained three passengers. The following marriage license was issued today: Jacob M. Bock, 28, Owosso; Minnie E. Klein, 31, Saline. Martin Wackenhut, of Chelsea, has filed íd the cotinty clerks ofQce his oath of office as deputy game and fish warden. Application has been made to the probate coart to declare William Barr insane The hearing will be tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mlle. Hortense Rhea, the greafc actress who was such a favorite in Ann Arbor theater circles, died in Montruoreucy, France, last week. Rev. McElroy, pastor of the M. E. church has extended an invitation to the members of Co. A to attend his cburch, Sunday evening, June ll.when he will preach a special sermón. A number of improvements are being inade in the First Presbyterian church of the city. The steam heating apparatus is being overhauled and considerable painting is to be done. U. S. recruiting officers are to be sent through the state in an effort to get members of the 31st Michigan to enlist in the regular army. It is not likely that they will get many of them in this city. ff County Treasurer Mann last evening awarded the contract for his new home to John Walz the builder for $2,200. It is to be built on W. Liberty st. and will contain all the modern improvements. John Williams, of Ann Arbor, was before Justice Doty today for obtaining a pair of 3 shoes under false pretenses. He plead guilty. paid for the shoes and the costs. He was arrested in Detroit yesterday by Marshal Gerstner. James Frederick Sumner, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sumner, of State st. , and also the four months' old son of Dr, and Mrs. McNaughton, of Port Huron, were baptized by the Rev Henry Tatlock in St. Andrew's church recently. Miss Eva Mae Babbington, a well Down and respected young lady of Corunna, died Sunday evening aged 24 years. She was a milliner hy trade and at one time resided in Ypsilanti, where she made many friends. She was the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. John Babbington. Rev. Mr. Golder, of Cincinnati, O., last evening filled the pulpit in the German Evangelieal M. E. church. He preached a very earnest sermón. Mr. and Mrs. Golder are visiting relatives in the city. Mr. Golder formerJy was the pastor of the Ann Arbor church. Mrs. Golder is better known as Miss. Ida Schlotterbeck. "Mr. and Mrs. Yeager, two old residents of Ypsilanti.celebrated their golden wedding Saturday. The couple are 74 and 68 years old, respectively. Mr. Yaeger was born in Dauphin county, Pa., Mrs. Yeager is a native of Michigan. The couple have lived in Ypsilanti for 47 years. All soldiers are cordially invited to meet with Welen Post, G. A. K., at their hall Sunday morning, May 28, at 10 o'clock a. m. sharp to attend devme services. W. A. Clark, Commander. From Wednesday's Daily Argus. Earl F. Chase, of Manchester, regiinental postmatser of the 31st Michigan, has been offered a position in the post office department in Cuba, and may go back. j.iigfr ÊHrZL', "-ü Fred Krause.fanctioneer and farmer, reports this year to have found an unusual Dumber of grasshoppers. '? He says that while plowing, his horses and whiffie trees were covered by millions ofjj" hoppers. " In the case of jjnseph C. Demosh and Geo. B. Deniosh'vs. the Michigan Telephone Co. the jury was charged right after the opening of tbe afternoon session of the court and is still out as the Argus goes to press. It is thought there will be a disagreement. Tne executive corumittee and aJl other officers of the Washtenaw County Pioneer Society and othera to whono this notice is sent are earnestly rei quested to meet in the circuit couii room at Aud Arbor, on Saturday May 27, at 3 o'cloc-k p. m. , to make arrangement for the next meeting of this society at the fair grounds in Ann Arbor. St. Thomas' high school will have its commencement exercises on Tuesday evening, June 20, in the school hall. Miss Genevieve Duffy will deliver the comtnencement address. The niiiversity exaraination was made some weeks ago and the graduates will enter the university next year for the A. B. conrse. Ann Arbor now has two schools on the university hst. The Ann Arbor Chicory Co. is still daily making contracts for planting roots Some of the farmers are beginning to appreciate what it means to start up a new industry which will be largely for their benefit with almost no risk to them as the price of the crop is guaranteed at $6 a ton. The cold nights at present will allow the sowing of chicory to be continued up to June 1 and possibly a few days later. Those farmers who have contracts this year wiL be favored next spring. This in itself is an indneement to put out half au acre or more this year. County Commissioner of Schools Lister, did a very handsorae thing for the teachers who attended the Washtenaw Teachers' Association at Saline last Saturday. _There were 80 teachers in attendance and when adjournment was taken at noon, Comrnissiouer J Lister invited them to dinner in the parlors ot the churnh. A most palatable repast was served hich every body thorougnly enjoyed. It was a handsome thing that the genial comtnissioner perpetrated upon bis teachers and vvhereas he is already popular with them, this will not tena to tnake hini less so. All present agreed in vvishiug that his shadow may never grow less. The declaration in the case of Fanny B. Miller vs. the Detroit, Ypsilauti & Aun Arbor Railway Co. , was fikd in the connty clerks office today. The plaintifl lives east of Ypsilanti. Sbe claims $1,000 damages for the cntting down of trees in front of her property. Volcanic Eruptions Are grand, luit Skin Eruptions rob lite of joy. Bucklen's Árnica Slave, cures tliem; also Oid, Running and Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons, Corn, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns, Scalds, Chahpyed Hands, Chilblains, Best Pile cure on earth. Drives out pains and Aches. Only 25 ets. a box. Cnre guaranteed. Sold by Bberbach & Son Aun Arbor and Geo. J. Haeussler Manchester Druggist. From Thursday's Daily Argus. Dust is again flying on Main st. and vigorous street sprinkhng will be in order. The new house being erected by Ottmar Eberbach adjoining his home on S. Foorth ave. is enclosed. It is nearly time for Saline to begin preparation for the celebration of German day ttais year. Mrs. George JohDson, of Lodi, gives a reception this evening for her sister Mrs. John Burg and Miss Hager, of Marquette. The ladies who are working up an increased membership in the L. ü. T M. put in 21 applications at the last meeting. It is stated sub rosa that a wedding is to take place in Ann Arbor Saturday. The interested parties intend to surprise their friends. Notre Dame üniversity has selected Prof. T. O. Trueblood and Rev. E. D. Kelly as judges for the oratorical contest to take place there. M. H. Oarmody, the U. of M. oartor will speak at Fairview cemetery in the Fifth ward at 2 o'clock nest Tuesday, Memorial day. The brick in the walte of the third story in the Aprill block fare being taken down. How far the remuval will extend has nor yet been decided. Miss Louise Stanger, who was hurt by a fall from her bicycle on Ashley st., Monday, is still quite ill, the fall Imving been more serieus, than at one time expected. Rev. W. Alber, of Jackson, will prtrtch in the Bethlehem church next Sunday evening at the seventh anniversary of the Christian Endeavor Society. Sheriff Gillen took Chas. Tomlinson of Chelsea, to the Pontiac asylum to day. Tomlinson is the man who recently escaped form St. Joseph's re treat at Dearborn. LeRoy Warner, of Wayne, pleac guilty in justice court in Chelsea yesterday to simple larceny from Archi Clark, of Lyndon, and was remandec for sentence in two weeks. As next Sunday will be "Memorial Snuday," Rev. J. H. Crooker, as has been his custom for 25 years, will give a sermon on a national topic. His subject will be, "A New Era ot American ïtesponsibihty. " The ü. of M. Toastmasters' Club will visit Whitmore Lake Saturday and will hoH a banquet in the evening at the Clifton house. About 35 will make up the party. H. J. McCreary, lit '99, will preside at the banquet. Demosh & Son obtained a verdict of $162.50 against the Michigan Telepohne Co. yesterday for damages to a team of their horses and rig cp.used by a telephone wire that was down across the road, into which the rig was driven at night. The well heing drilled for the Ann Arbor Chicory Co. by the Norris Diilling Co. was down HS feet last evening iü quick sand. Water is not expected to be found tintil hard pan is struck. As the company will use much water in washing its roots, a good flowing well will be a great money saver. Supt. E. T. Austin, fonnerly of Salein, has been oiïered the position ot superintendent of the Michigan City, Ind., city schools at a salary of f 1,SÖO with the promise of a $200 raise the second year. The offer is a very flattering one, as hi8 salary in Owosso is bnt l,400. He will ondoubtedly give the school board his answer tomorrow night. - Owosso Argus. Edwin Mason, of Kalamazoo, is 96 years old at his next birthday. He moved to Richland, formerly Gull Praire, in May, 1832. At that time there were no settlements between Ann Arbor and Richland. This corroberates the story told by the late Hon. Emanuel Mann. He said the first Sunday he spent in Ann Arbor in May, 1830, he visited David Allmendinger west. of the city. About where the old German church, known as the First Evangelical church, of Scio was built, they met two ox teams, from Kalamazoo, loaded with wheat. Their drivers were hunting the mili at Dexter. The hearing of the claim of W. J. Webster vs. the estáte of James W. Waugh, deceased, of York. occupied the attention of Judge of Probate Newkirk. This is the case recently mentioned in the Argus. Mr. Webster held a lana contract of Mr. Waugh which was ïiot signed by his wife and the supreme court held it invalid. The present claim is for work and the morey he expended, by which he hopes to recoup himself for the loss of the land. Rnndall & Jones are the attorneys for Mr. Webster, and K. B. Norris iiud M. J. Lehiua for the heirs who are opposing the claim. The prooate room , was filled with spectators and witnesses.