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An Injunction Given

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To Prevent Attorney Gibson and House Mover Wisner.



Of the Detroit Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor Railway.


Rumor Has It Also That the Company Will Seek to Restrain the Board of Public Works from Granting Other Permissions.


Circuit Court Commissioner W. H. Murray has granted a temporary injunction to the Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor electric road against Andrew E. Gibson and John Wisner, restraining them from moving the house from the corner of Thayer and S. University ave. across their tracks to Edwin and Sybil sts. The application for the injunction was singed by the new manager of the road, Frank E. Merrill, and was drawn by Cutcheon & Stellwagon. The house has already been moved across the street car tracks on Monroe st. and the company alleges that it cost them $12 to cut the wire there, while the board of public works only required Gibson to pay $5. The house will have to be moved across the Packard st. line to get to its destination. If the injunction holds, Gibson and Wisner can neither go backward or forward with the house which is now on Thayer st. It was stated by one of our attorneys to an Argus reporter Friday morning that the Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor electric railroad will soon apply for an injunction to restrain the board of public works from granting permits to move buildings across their tracks. It is claimed that buildings are not permitted to be moved across the tracks in Detroit. The railroad will try to accomplish the same thing here. To the uninitiated it would seem that this case had already been up in the circuit, when the company sought to restrain an individual from crossing the track with a house on permission granted by the board of public works. for if the individual could not be restrained because he had the permission of the board of public works, the permission must have been a valid one. and if valid the board cannot be restrained from granting it. However the railroad company may have some new legal kinks and the matter will be watched with interest.