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Real Estate Transfers

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Real Estate Transfers 

Sarah A. Goodale to Chas. F. Meyers, Ann Arbor, $650.

John Chas. Kaercher, deceased, to Alfred Kaercher, et al. will.

John Chas. Kaercher, deceased, to Robert D. Walker, Chelsea, $1,200.

Ada J. McNames et al., to Mrs. Jane Rathman, Ann Arbor, $1,950

Hannah Briggs to John G. Dell, Saline, $100

Ed. D. Campbell and wife to Herbert J. Goulding, Ann Arbor, $1,450.

Martha Wright to Burton L. Galpin, Ann Arbor, $1,300.

Wilber Todd and wife to Chas. C. Todd, Webster, $150.

John Luepold to John Shadford and wife, Ann Arbor, $325.

Emma G. Taylor, et al., to John Klump, Sharon, $3,000.

Catherine E. Jones to Mable K. Pond, Ann Arbor, $1,050.

Mary M. Allen to Kate Vaughan, et al., Dexter, $1.

Leonhard Gruner and wife to P. J. Schuon and wife, Ann Arbor, $900.

Henry Diller by circuit court comissioner to Moses Taggart, trustee, Ypsilanti, $2,175.

John Worden and wife to Helen Markham, et al., Augusta, $460.

John G. Koch to May Ann Marken, Lodi, $800.

Edgar A. Witherell, et al. , to Austin E. English, Manchester, $400.

Elizabeth Pray to Almira Dodge Northfield, $1.

Henry Glover and wife to M. Bullinger and wife, Ypsilanti, $200.

G. A. Savery and wife to M. Bullinger, and wife, Ypsilanti, $100.

Jane Rotman to John H. Ortman, Ann Arbor, $750.

L. Gruner and wife to Christie Haller Ann Arbor, $900.

Paul Snauble and wife to Morris Larned and wife, Ann Arbor, $2,500.

Johanna Marken to Sarah C. Van Kleek, Ann Arbor, $2,050.

Jane Rothman to Eliza B. Broom - hall, Ann Arbor, $4,500.

John Ross to William J. Ross, Sylvan, $1,000.

Josephine A. Drury to Mary Abelson, Ypeilanti, $800.

James A. Eaton et al. to Charles Walker, Sharon, $660.