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From Fridav'j Daily Argus. In the divorce case cí David Leonard complainant, vs. Minnie Leonard defendant, Jndge Kiune granted a decree toiay dissolving the marriage relations. The grotmds for whicb. a divorce was granted was crnelty. J. Willard Babbitt was the complainants solicitors. John Kenny, of the hrm of Kenny & Qainlan, received a telephone messeage om Wayne yösterday announcing the death of Mrs. Bridget Kirkwoodi Sbe ■was stricken witnparalysis a week ago. Mr. and Mrs. Kenny will attend the funeral to be held tomorrow. Kirkwood has visited in Ann Arbor at Tarions times. The examination of William Simmons charged with doing great bodily Jbarm to Fied A. Bowen, was adjnurned before Jnstice Dnffy to Jnly 30. Bowen had five teeth knooüed and a etone as big as a fist broken over nis head, into fonr pieces. Ia defaulfc of giving bail in the sum of $500 Simmons went back to jail again. The case of the Peoplevs. Fred Lutz, of Fredonia, was adjourned to Ang. 10, Taefore Jnstice Dnffy. He is charged with malicions mjury to a drain by Postmaster Fred Vogel. A drain passes throngh the lands of both parties and Vogel thinks Lntz has stopped it ■np causing the water to back up on the Vogel land. The next meeting of the state bar association which will be helü in this city will probably occur in May, when the timversity is in session. At least Col. B. M. Thompson, the new president of the assocjation is trying to arrange it so. To do so he must gain the conenrrence of the varions jndges in the state eo that no cases will be tned while the bar rneeiings are in progress. From Seturday's Daily Argus. Mrs. Julia Millen Ricketts, of this -city, will be married next Tuesday to C H. Ricketts of Iowa at the home of the bride on the north side. Jndge Kinne today dismissed the bill with costs in the case of Nancy Brainard vs. Joseph Feather and Matbew Seeger. It was a bill brought to reform a judginent. School Commissioner W. N. Lister was in Salins last evening, where he attendedthe high school alumni banqnet. He fllled the position of toastTnaster. There were 200 plates set. Prof. I. N. Demruon of the University of Michigan yesterday delivered the commence'nent address at the gradnating exercises of the Dexter high school tomorrow. His subject was the "The Training of a Man. " L. C. Goodrich retnrned today noon from his tiip dnring which he held Maeonic schools of instrnction at varions places. He got as t'ar north as Mackinaw. On Jnly 8 he will go to the npper península to continue his Masóme work. Judge Kinne his morning granted a Bew trial in the case of Charles R. Whitman vs. Adrion Haire. This is the case in which the defendant removed a fnrnace from a house owned by theplaintiff. Jobn V?. Bennett rejresented the plaintiff. The story that Kcv. L. Koelbing, pastor of Sf,. Panl's chncrh, had heen held np by framps and robbert mrus out to be a take of the largest proportions. M r. Koelbiug Fays tbere is uo truth iu it whatever and furtherniore he was not away from the house the day on which the holdup was ?aid to have occcrred. - Chelsa Herald. John W. Herbst, by his next frienr has filed an iuterveuer in the matter of Daniel W Barry drain commissioner s interpleader, for the money due on the Koebbe tile drain.. Tbis is the case in which the commissioner claims the drain vras not fiuishpd accordiug to contract and he had to hire others to do the work. Thé plea of Isaac Perrine, of Ypsilanti in the case ot Peter W. Shate vs. the New State Telepohne Co., Isaac Perrine and Martin Oremer was filed today, J. Willard Babbitt appearing for the defendaut. He like the other defendants claims that whatever was said if anything abont the telephone message, was said in the interests oí the public good. The Main st. business men 's clnb have decided to recommend the old Maynard homestead lot on the northwest corner of S. Main and Williams sts. for the new opera honse. The lot is 8 by 10 rods in size and is well loccated as to the Anu Arbor depot and trolly roads. The buildings on this lot eould be moved to vacant lots iu the Seventh or Second wards, with little trouble. The concert given by the Linden Hall Seminary quartet and soloists under the direction of Prof. J. Frecl Schaeberle last evening iu the parlors of the Bethlehem church was rnnsïcally and financially a success. With the admission price only 10 and 15 cents, the receipts were about $45. Prof. Schaeberle knows how to arrauge a good concert. Thauks are due lioth to him and bis able assistants. The Aun Arbor Arbeiter Vereiu is patriotic and will celébrate the Fourth of Jnly in Relief Park, with a big picnic. There will be a procession in the ruorning. All the Germán scieties in the coun,ty have been invited. At the park William Kiethmann, of Grand Rapids a, well known Germán orator will deliver an address. Titas F. Hutzel will be marshal of the day. A general good time is expteted. Kev. F. P. DanielB and Miss Louise Grimmer, of Ann Arbor, were married at the residence of Rev. Leslie W. Sprague, in Grand Rapids, Wednesday, June 21. They will pass the summer vacation at Mr. Daniels' home in Alto, Mich. The members of the Unitarian society aud his many friends in Sturgis join in hearty congratolations and ex tend best wishes of joy aud happiness to Mr. Daniels and his bride. - Sturris Democart. We entertained politicians unawares ast week, as the following from the ïïews would indioate : There were a !ew people at the commenoement exercises at Ann Arbor this week whose names will be heard iu the republican state convention. Perry F. Powers was over. Perry had his boom for audi;or-general - $3,000 a year with him. Jason E. Hammond, now serving his second term as snperintendent of pubic instruction, was there also. Hammond is to be Powers' chief deputy, woviding, ot course, their plans go. Prof. Délos R. Fall, of Albion college, an alumnus of the university and a probable candidate, so it is said, for superintendent of public instruction, was thflre too. Before Prof. Fall went ;o Albion he was principal of the Flint ïigh school. From Monday's Daily Argus. Charles K Laversaat, of Saline, has had bis pension increased to $8 a month. Max Walter was arrested by Officer Ambruster for riding a bicycle ou the sidewalk. He paid Justice Doty $3.45 costs. Charles Saner, the builder, has the contract for a $5,000 residence to be built for Ernest P. Van Kleek, the skirt mannfacturer. on N. Ingalls st. .t is to contaiu all modern improvements. The delivery wagon of C. F. Pardon was upset on Suinmit st. Satnrday. The norse became frightened by a tin can on an ofl wagon on Fountain st. The animal's legs were cut and the top of the delivery wagon smashed. The Sanitary Milk Co. is making some very fine ice cream. The Argus Enows for it had a present of some very high grade ice cream from the company yesterday. It was rich and good, the rind of cream which makes customers of those who sample it. The Michigan Central proposes making extensive improvements at its depot in this city. The plank of the front platform will be replaced with cement. A convenient coal shute will )e built so that coal can be delivered from the cars into the cellar. The Schooicraft Express in speaking of the high school com men cement exerisessays: "Tbe address by W. W. Wedemeyer of Ann Arbor, was a maserly effort and is frequently spQken of as among the very best addresses ever given here on similar occasious. John Chambers and James Berner were arreeted Saturday afternoon by Marshal Gerstner on the charge of béng drank and disorderly and cruelty o animáis. They plead guilty to the harges before Justice Doty. They were fined $5 and costs and eaeh of ;hem paid. The members of the ö. E. society , f the Bethlehem church, with a few nvited friends attended the sixth anual anniversary services of the C. E. ociety of the Emanuel church in . hester yesterday. They went over with a bus. The day was fine and they , lad a good time. John J. Trautwein, with Funeral Director O. M. Martin, this morniiig received a letter from ns on Jacob, a private in Co. D, lfith U. S. Infántry. ïbe letter was mailed iu Honolulú. He reports that Jir ís well and in good spirits. He vvas uot sea sick. They expeoted to arrive ín Manila abont Jnly 4. The remains of Muña P. Rose were yesterday sent to Lockpoit, N. Y., jior interment. He died Saturday nigbt at the home of his son-in-law Stephen M. Klingman, No. 914 Monore st. , aged 88 years. He was an old soldier and an inmate of the Soldiers' horae in Grand Rapids tintil two months ago when he carne to Ann Arbor. Oscar, the son of Martin Brncklacher, feil down in a faint yesterdav aíternoon on N. Main st. near Tessmer's boat house. Altbough there were 15 or 20 people around, everybody was afraid to come to bis assistance. Marsbal Gerstner, who was closo by was called. He rubbed the yonng man with camphor and worked over him nntil he brunght hirn to. Another large and enthnsiastic meeting was held in St. Thomas' school last evening to arrange for the Fourth of July picnic at Whitrnore Lake. Large donations of cash, meats, etc, were reponed from the eommittees and the s neceas of the picnic is already assure.i. The Ann Arbor road will run a train almost every hour in the rnornine beginninng a 7 :30. Everybody will go to the picnic to enjoy a good diuner, oool breezes, inviting shade, good music, singiug and oratory. A rustic time at rnstic prices. Revs. Kelly, of Aun Arbor, and Goldrick, of Northfield. have taken up the Whitmore Lake bicycle 'path reconstrucution work. They propose with the help of their friends to put the path from St. Patrick's church to the lake in good conditfon. They believe it will be finished by Thursday evening. Both of the gentlemen thoroughly believe in a goed path and will use their iufiuence to keep it in good repair and protect it forni damage. It will be in splendid conditiou for the Fourth of July picnic. An Argns reporter this afternoon noticed Dr. H. I. Post, of Willis, walking infco the connty clerks office, with a most happy expression on his face. He addressed Deputy Phil Blum in a very suave manner and the reporter thought he overheard the worcis marriage license. Thereupon he asked the genial, good natured doctor, if he was the happy man in the case. The doctor promptly replied that he was and that Miss May Billsen, of Sampter, was the other principal and that tht) happy event was to take place this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Having received the necessary legal permit the doctor inqmred the way to Church st. and the home of the Rev. Wm. E. Caldweli. Dr. and Mrs. Post will take a short wedding trip and will be at home to their friends af ter July 5.