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Went Off Too Soon

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Tbe display ot fireworks at Ypsilanti Tuesday was grand as far as it went, bnt at about 9 o'clock in some way one of the boxes containing the undischarged matter caugnt fire and immediately the Tvbole lot of stuff was discharged in every direction mostly into the crowd of hnndreds of people and many in carriages. It was a scatter tor your life and the excitement -was not abated tintil the last rocJset shot out in a tbreateiiing direction. A great many were hit by the tiiyng missies bnt only five or six in a serious manner. One man was hit in the head and suffered great agouy last night, bit is better tbis morning. Several children were badly bruised in the rush, bnt so far noue ot the injuries have proven fatal. During tbe day, however, Gertrnde Alford, a little girl of seven years of age was celebrating with fire crackers, when ner dress caught fire and enwrapped her in flames. She was badly burned aud died from the effects late last night. She was the danghter of Mr. and Mrs. Alford, of Washington st. A boy by the name of Whittaker had his tburub and the tips of his fingers blown off and his right arm fiiled with powder flater in the afternoori. He was loading a gas pipe cannon when someoue threw a firecracker, which iguited the powder and everytbing expJoded includiug the powder horn. During the evening a lady was sittmg in her yard with a baby in her arms, wheu a desceuding sky rocket came down throngh her lap, without inury to herself or child.