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New Guild Forming

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Efforts are being made to endow a Cougregational gnild ia this city wit! sufficient lunds to pflimit the employ ment of an assistaut pastor wbose wotk sball be among the students, look ing later towards the erection of a gnild hall. Ás long ago as the time of the late beloved Prof. Frieze the idea was brougly urgedby him that each church denoruination shonld have a guild or special church association to look after its students. On more than one occassion the mattter was discussed and is gradually bringing resnlts. The subject is a large one in its many phases. Thé flrst to move in the matter were the Episcopalians. An endowment fund was raised and Harris hall and the Hobart Guild ia the resnlt. Here an assistant minister and curator is stationed. A regular course of tneologioal lectures is given by prominent churcb uien dnring each winter. In Harris hall, the Episcopal students are welcomed. A library, gymnasium and otherconveniences are at their disposal. In other words here 19 a church home devoted entirely to the welfare of Episcopal students. This endowment of the Hobart Guild was followed by the presentation of the old Seaman property to thePresbyterian society and also by Senator McMillan, of additional funds to put up a hall. Uufortuuately for a time the work proposed amcng the students must rest, for the want of a snfficient endowment to carry it on. Theu caine the Methodist brethern who secured two fine lots near the ehurch. This property is waiting for funds to put up a hall and carry on the work! As the M. E. studenrs attending tne university constitute a large body, it is only a question of time wben ontside jealousy will be ovetcome, and a large lauildiug parposely eudowed will be erected. Now somes the members of the Congregational chui'ch who are pusbing a project which will be a great benefit to ene stucieuts oí tneir cnuren. niey are careiul business rúen, at the IkihI of the project who do not intencl to be oaught with a building on their hancls witn rio fuuds to make ít nseful. They propose to have the endowraent to secure the services of au assistant pastor who wil! devote his whole attendou to the sous and daughters of Coñgregatioual parents attending the university of Michigau. Before the project of a building with all the necessary convenieuces will be broached the fnnd of 130,000 is to be raised to make the work doue which uau be accomphshed without a building, permaneut. The benefit to be derived from the foundation being for the people at large in the state it caunot be expected that the whole suin will be raised iu. Aun Arbor. Subscriptioijs have been made in the city amounting to the snm of ],000 which is a good starter. The doard that bas the fouudation in charge consists of Dr. James B. Angelí, Dr. Eliza Mosher, Dr. N. S. Hoff, Prof. M. L. D'Ooge, G. Frank Allmendingcr and Rev. J. W. Bradshaw, of Anu Arbor; A. O. Angel), of Detroit; Prof. Alonzo Barbour, Ypsilanti ; Hon. A. O. Grower, Lansing; Attoruey O. H. Gleasou, Grand Rapids; Rev. Bastian Smits, of Charlotte, and Rev. Strong, of .Tacksou. From this list of names it will be seen that there is little question that the "Foundation" will become au accomplished fact. The plans of the projectors are very far reaching. When the fuuds are forthcomiug they will be developed It is feit that while the chnrch iu Anu Arbor should belp it aloug, it is of the greatest interest to the members of the Congregational chureb at large. It is their sons and daughters who will receive the jeuefits. For this reason a general canvass is being made iu the state. Rev. J. W. Bradshaw, the pastor of the First Cougregational church in this city, is devoting much attention to lurthering (what he feels is the duty of the church in looking after its sons and daughters. Before the sumrner is over t is to be hoped the "Foundation" will be ou a permanent basis.