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Arrested Two Men

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Flint, Mich. , July 2. - John Casler was going home Satarday night abont 12 o'ciock when he was attacked by some iinknown meu, wno robbed and shot him and then made good their escape. Casler was found dying by the sidewalk by Mrs, Samuel Kline, a bookkeeper at Hunt's grocery store. Mrs. Kline was on her way home when she was atttracted to the dying man by nis moaus. She gave the alarru and the officers hastened to the corner of Harrisou and Fourth streets, were they found Casler lying upon the ground in au unconscious oondition with a huge bnllet wound iu the back of his head trom .which great pools of blood had flowed. Beside him lay his own revolver, with oue empty cbamber It was first thought it might ba suicide, but that theory was dispelled when it was fptmd that Casler's revolver was of. 22 caliber, while the bullet in his head was fired from a '2 caliber. After being carried to his home he remained in an nnconscions coudition until 6 o'ciock this morning, whun he died. Deceased was 44 years old, and had lived iu tbis city during the past seven years. He was married ind leaves a widow and one danghter. He was a son of Beers Casler, of Davison township, and formerly lived there. He was a memberof the Maccabees and of the Knights of the Loya) Guards, aud had $3,000 life insorance in these orders. L. Fiefield and Egnus Leaymun were apprehended Sunday night neai the oil tanks along the Ann Arbor road iu the Third ward. Sheriff Gillen had received a telegram giving ihe description of two men who are supposed to be implicated in the Flint mnrder. They jnenped from the Ann Arbor train befoie it had stopped and bid amoug the long grass in the marsh. When they were found they immediately said they knew why they were arrested as there was a mnrder in Flint but claimed innocence. Foor others were c.aneht with them but wp.ra alJowpd freedom as they did uofc auswer the descriptions. Finfield has a wife and son living ïiere from whom be has been separated for some time. Botb claimed that they were working on the streets in Flint and came here in search of eruMoyrnent. Egnns Leaymnn is thick set weighing about 150 ponnds and stands 5 :eet 7 inches, wears good dark colored clothes, stiff bat. He is of light complexion, srnooth face, with a mole over ais right eye. Fiefield weighs 175 ponnds, and measures 5 feet 10 inches in height. rie is of aark complexión and wears a Dlack, stubby mustach and dark clotbes. On his person was íound a 2' caliber "Robin Hood" No. 1 revolver. Togetber they had $3.15 on their jersons. The sheriff from Flint will arrive iere this evening to looi into the mater and perhaps take them along.