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CUT THIS AD _aa I-É OUT and sendto -fft, && T na Aníl Ifffkil f CA ' ■ J rltKIn 700mlUsorCh!esgo, we wlll send JOB thls TOP BlUUY Bï FRKIUHT C. O. D. fo( f l'tS O CO SirBJECT TO KXAH1SAT10.V, jon eim eïamine it al jour frelcbl depol nd If foiind X ' SR. i" PKBFECTLY SiTISFACTOKY, KXACTtY AS KKFKESENTEU, KQI.'tL TO BCUUIKS BÍKÍ) ICO THATBETAILAT6O.ooto$76.oo.ndTHEGRANDESTIARGAIHÏ0UEVERSAWr Xffim CD pa, .gent OUR SPECIAL PRICES38.9O, -r1fc_ T.rWffil and freight charges, leas the tl.00 sent with order. " i- x lHt7SK H?N. WE MAKE THIS TOP BUOGY ""' AjJg makers put in Í75.OO buggies. Latest Style For 1899. Bodv, I öffiK KWHsSHfiRK-l 84x54 from the Best Seasoned Wood. ficar, Best Tliat Money Can f SnT flTirat I Build. End Bprlngs, as illustrated, or Brewster SideBar. Whcels, X iTSR IbJ" A VTJK r High Grade Screwed Rim Sarven's Patent. Top, 24 ounce. Daily VTnJtvA V-VxM N KubberHeavllyLined, fullside and back eurtains. PalnllnB, GuaranvAJk! Of A 7 teed equal to any Í150.00 buggy work. Body black, Geardark green ?ri íícfci-!5;irí iíj Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.), CHICAGO, ILL.