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Cut Uil ad. out and send to as wl t h $1. 00, and w wIU send you this N KW MFKOTKI) ACJIK O.UKKN PARLOR OKGAN, bfrelghtC. O. D.t object to examina t ion. You can examine it at yournearest freigbt deot. and if you find it exactly as repreftented, equal to organs that retall at $7ö.00 to $100.00. thegreatest value you ever saw and 'ar better than organs advertiaed t)y othera at more money, pay hefreigbt agent our speelal 90 dayt' offer prlce $31.75, ess the 11.00, of 80. "5, and f reight charges. $31,75 IS OUR SPECIAL 90 DAYS'PRICE ISJ?& T- " '■" .- ■-.- price chirg d bjr othera. 8uch uu offer wuh nevcr made bcfore. THE ACM E QUEEN is oneof the mout Dt'RABLKAXD SWEETFST rONKD InstromenTs erer made. Krom the illustratlon shown, whlch fl engraved dJ reet f rom a photograph,y ou can f orm some idea of lts oeauMiui appearanee. nunc irom houu iTiitrifr m.wett aA f fr " 'KV.H fgll ouk, antique finish, hands omelydeeorattid and or namen ted, _A2H VgvjwH V-BB atest 1899 Atjle. THE ACMK QÜEEN is 6 f eet 6 inches high, BE r j KT ■2 inches long, 23 inches wide and weighs 350 pounda. JH fc=3fl0lHHii taina 5 octaves, 11 stops, asfollows: Diapasón, Principal, H ff Dülrlans, Mrlodln, Célente, (Vemona, Baai Coopler. Treble iïM Mf, JH :oopler, Diapasón Forte and Vox Humana; 2 Octae Cooplers, 'JVfl lToneSwell, lfirandOrgan Swel), 4 Seta Orchitral Toned 49 IH Rennlorj Tipe QualÜy Reeds, 1 8et of 37 Pare Swcel Melodía 7ÊB ÍSwUffi2lm Ú&fr'r&Z&t.JM HDf ReedH, 1 Set of 8 7 (.harmlngly Brllllant Celwte Beeds, 1 Bet of ƒ■ mSSBSJM BL 24 RlchítellowSmooth Diapasón ReedB, 1 Bet of 24 PIpaxinR frB HiS l E9I Boftnelodlous Pricelpal Reeds. TUK ACME Ql'EKN fB ' J H K'&RB' ion conslft of the celebratedNewell Reedt, -which are nnly i)l g====t-B IjT used In the hihest grade Instruments; fltted with H Hl mond Coaplera and Yox Humana, also best Dolge ielts, HTlHnJI iWtl eathers, etc, bellows of the best rubber cloth, 3-ply ÚM HilBlifl IHil bollowH stock and flneat lcathur in valvcH. TUK ■■PIW tt 2 ACME QUEEN is furnished with a 10x14 bevelerl iLWjÉ 11 plate Krench mirror, nickel plated pedal frames, %a IH and every modern improvement. W fnmisli frec a fTl SlkfllBHV ome organ tooi and the beHtorgan Inittruction boob pabllshcd. JHJH 9U11 U t: , GUARANTEED 25 YEARS. JSK"" M l SB süui' iv writtcn biiuliiiK '26-.voiir Rvmrautee, ly the ;TT!SrBWáBI jS IMBI erms anti condltluns of ivhlch ifany part gives out tlwyílÍMHi 29'MB SIWI ■wereiJuirttfrecofoharite. Try it one month and í'BWPTB BCU we wlll refund your money lf you are not pertectly , i MCJN-KB RftiLfl vHU,, not dealt with us ask your neiRhbor about us.writo ' 'II TSHHIH '3 thepublleherof thiBpaperortfctropolitanNational ' .a.liiBilllllllBlllliaBKBl ?= Bank, or Corn Exchango Nat. Bank, Chicago; or Germán Exchango Bank, New York ; or any railroad or expresa company in Chicago. We ban capital or oer $700,000.00, ociuiiy intirc ono of the lárgest business wocks in Chicago, and employ nearly 2,000 people in our own building. WK HUL OHOANS AT 22.00 and op; PIANOS, lll-uu and up; also everythlng in musical instrumente at lowest holesalu priecs. Write for free special organ.jpiano and muBical instrument catalogue. Address, 8n, Uorbocli C. ar thoroughlr rellaDle. - io'. J SEARS.' ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.), Fulton, Oesplaines and Wayman Sts., CHICAGO. ILL.