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One of Billy Judaon's most trusted lieutenants confidad to a reporter today t at as soon as he bad finished up making the appointments of tbe different deputy oil inspectora about the state there would be a sndden chacge in the wardenship at the Jackson prison, and the radiantly-whiskered ex-sheriff who now controls Washtenaw's politics wonld land in the berth. Jndson has demonefcrated that heis a first clasa mechanic in the construction of a political machine, and there are bnt little doubts but that his only task, as far as the oil inspectorship is concerned, is to see that the men who could do the most good to whatever cause Pingree might champion wonld get the deputysbips. Judson has a remarkable faculty of getting workers collected about him, and Pingree made no mistake when he lef t it to him io make the seleution. Then he has compJeted this job he till get what he started oat tor in the very first instance of Pingree's election, viz., the wardenship of the state prison. That Jndson stands cloaer to the governor than ever was shown by the ippointment of A. F Freeiuan, of Manchester, as a member of the tax eommission at a salary of $2,500 and expenses. At one time Biliy Judson ïad the floer workers of repubJican conventions in this county arrayed against him. He needed, (and needed jadiy, a man who could arise and set 'orth to a body of delegates just what was wanted of them. He could get the delegateB all right, but he wanted a mouthpiece. Freeman was picked up and did so well that Judson shoved lim forthe nomiuation of state senator and carne within one vote of landing ïim, even in the face of the odds which Jackson county held against Washtenaw in the convention. Then ie got him appomted as a member of the prison board. The antis in the tate senate thought this would mean the ousting of Chanioerlain at the tate prison and refnsed to confína lim. Now Billy has got him a job that is worth abont 400 times as mnch as eitber of the otbers, and the seuate won 't get aiiother crack at him for a year and a half at least. As a demonstration of Jndson's pull with Gov. Pingree and the administration the followiüg list is given to show ;hat Washtenaw is abont the only county in the state and tbat Judson is about the only man in Washtenaw : Wiliiam Jndson, of Ann Arbor - State oil inspector. E. F. Johneun, of Anii Arbor - Member of the state board of edncation to ill a vacancy. W. W. Wedemeyer, of Ann Arbor - 3eputy railroad commissioner. A. F. Freernan, of Manchester - Member of the state prison board. At present member of the state tax commission. L. W. Watkins, of Manchester - Member of the Agricultural ooilege board. E. P. Allen, of Ypsilanti - Member of the Agricnltural college board. H. S. Holmes, of ühelsea - Member of the state prison board. Archie Wilkiuson, of Chelsea - depnty oil inspector. Sara Post, of Ypsilanti - Member of the Kalamazoo asylum board. O. E. Bntterfieid, of Ann Arbor - Secretary of the state board of assessors under the Atkinson bill. Declared invalid Fred Rushton, of Manchester - MemDer of the laborcommission at $1,000 per year. Lester Canfieid, of Sylvan- Wire inspector at $1,000 per year. Qeorge Kouse, of Saline - Janitor of the state senate. Fred Haywood, of Salem - Blachsmith inspector at $1,000 per year. Martin Wackenhut, of Chelsea - One of the five state game deptities at $1,000 per