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A Do you get up witta a A - headache? i W ís tbere a bad taste in W L your mouth ? X P Then you have a poor A appetite and a weak digesA ,Y tion. You are frequently W A dizzy, always feel dull and A drowsy. You have cold ▼ A hands and feet. You get ▲ but little benefit from your S food. You have no ambition M . to work and the sharp pains X V of neuralgia dart through r ik your body. X What is the cause of all J% this trouble? A V Constipated bowels. Aiicrs PILLS jwiH give you prompt relief k and certain cure. A k Xeep yoirr Blood Pura. A P . If you have neglected your y A case a long time, you had A better take ♦ Agcp's sapsapariiía ▼ alst). It will remove all V w impurities that have been accumulating in your blood Z vk and will greatly strengthen w X your nerves. X fr WrAe í Ae Doctor. There may be something abont Ak your case you do not quite underym stand. Wríte the doctor f reely : teU . him how you are suflering. You J W will proniptly receive the best W k medical advice. Artdress, X a Dr. J. C. Ayer, Lowell, Hass. S