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Dr. Miles' Nervine Restores HealthÜNCLE EZEKIEL OEAR, assessor and tax collector, Bcverly, Mass., who has pcssed thc80th Kfo r.lle stone, says: "Dr. K-ilcs' Bestorative Xervlce has done a great clcal ofgotxl. IsuiTereJforyearsfrom sleeplcsrcoss and nervons heart troutile. Would icci vioary and used up in the mornlng, had no P?r'!t!on and my work seemed a burdcn. A fricnd rccomruended Dr. Miles' Nervine, and I purchased a bottle under protest as I bad íried so many remedies unsuccessfulJy, I thought it no use. But it gavomerestfulüieep, a good appetite and restored mo to energetic health. It is a grand good medicine, and Iwillgladly write anyone inquiiing, full particularsof my satDr. Miles' Remedies DrTB are sold by all KN ... " , - vB gists under a """w B guarantee, firFt lot',le K. N@tV!nG 3 beneDts or Incney KJ Restores S funded. Boo.c on $y „ ... B eases of the heart and Wmfr ea ! jH nerves free. Address, Q mSnÉÉlnMil DR. MILES MEDICAL GO.. Elkhart, Ind. A MOST WONDERFUL CURES Eminent Physicians Pronounced it Consumption. Dr. C, D. Warner, Coldwatbr, Mich. Dear Sir;- I have received great benefit from yonr White Wine of Tar Syrup. I had a congh and the doctors gave up all hopes of my recovery and pronouuced it consumption; I thought that itnyas death for me. I tried pverything that we could hear of. Finally one of my friends prevailed upon me to use your White Wine of TarSyrnp. I took H bottles and am cnred Piitirely. Sueh medicine I can recomniend to those whoare affiictedas I was. Very Resp"y Yours, JOSEPII E. UXDERHILL, Doland., South Dakota Subscribe íor the.Argus-Democrat.