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The Escariaba Jdirror declares ther will...

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The Escariaba Jdirror declares ther will be a great bobbery raised in th opper península if the state board o edncation stands by the rule it recentl promnlgated relative to the new nor mal school at Marquette. BnttheMir ror is evidently ignorant of the fac that the new rnle simply carries int tflejt the state law relative to th new normal school. The law distinel ly provides that thn new normal school shall be subordínate to the Ypsilant institution. In other words,tbat thei pnrpose shalll be the training o teachers for the rural schools and th lower grade work. It was not the in tention that these schools should dup licate or be co-ordinate with the Ypsi lanti normal. Had suoh been the in tention, the bilis for their establish ment would never have become law This question was raisert at the time o the establishment of the Mt. Pleasan normal and pledges were given that lts promoters did not desirè or expect it to be a duplícate of the oíd normal .schoei. And that these pledges might not be forgotten, a law was enacted to prevent nnnecessaiy duphcating. The recent rule of the state board of education is simply the method of applying the law which the legislature provided for the control of the normal school system of the state. In order that the principies of the law which declares the object had in view in establishing more normal schools might be made more secure, all these schools were placed onder the same board. And uow the board, with the object of nnifying the work of the normal schools and making them a system, has planned to place them all under the presidency of one man. The plan is a wise one, for in no other way can the objects of the law be satisfactorily attained. But for snch a plan Michigan wonld have the blunders of New York and Wisconsin repeated in her normal schools. New York had 11 normal schools each under a different board and all co-ordinate. None of tbem had the standing of the Ypsilanti normal. In none of them were the onrses of study as extended. But each was working the legislature for the largest appropriation. In time it beoune necessary to make a decided change, and the Albany normal school was made the superior school and designated as the state normal college. The old scheme still exists in Wisconsin and the btate is still duplicating expensive plants to do exactly the same work. The plan which has been adopted in Michigan insures all the normal schools needed, with the state normal college at Ypsilanti offering more extended courses of study than any of the Wisconsin normals, and the whole system will cost the state nrnch less money. Normal schools tor the training of rural and lower grade teachers are needed iu various sections of the state in order that the schools may be npplied with teachers wbo have had normal training, but the Ypsilanti noranal can take care of all those who wish to pursue the higher courses, and there ie no more nsed of dnplicating plants for this higher work than there is for dnplicating the nniversity in varions paits of the state. Ihe secondary normal schools will grant all grades of teachers certificates except the life certifícate and those desiring it can take the higher work required for it at Ypsilanti quite as well as students can come to the nniversity for higher work than is given in the high schools or normal schools. Michigan has advanced to that point educatioually where it has becoma a necessity to think of those who support the schools throngh taxation and it is not the part of wisdom under snch oircumstances, or any other circumstances, for that matter, to unnecessarily duplícate intitutious. Everybody Jinows the enormcras expense of duplicating the mining department of the university in the school of mines at Houghton. No more such costly duplicating as that hould be permitted by the legislature. üue experience of that sort should ■suffice. There should be no more duplicating of schools of any kind on account of political exegiencies.