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President M'kinley's Message

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There üvasenthusiastic applause when Secretary Baer read the following telegram from the president of the United States. It was addressed to Rev. Dr. rancis E. Clark: "On the occasion of te eighteenth international convention of your society I desire to express my cordial interest in its work, my best wishes to those assembled with you n convention, and my earnest hope for he continuance and increase of the ;reat results which the efforts of the Jhristian Endeavor Society have chieved. WILLIAM M'KINLEY." Next on the programme carne reponses in behalf of Endeavorers from oreign lands. As Rev. William Paterson, of Toron'to, came forward to peak for Canada some one struck up God Save the Queen." The Canaians on the platform took up the train and in a moment the huge tent was reviberating with the swelling horus of the British anthem. The riendly relations betwen Canada and te United States, particularly with eference to religious matters, formed ie burden of Dr. Patterson's address. Rev. Dr. H. J. Tressider, secretary of he London council of Christian Eneavor, answered the greetings in bealf of Great Britain. "Perish the mad ream," said he, "that a conflict should ver come betwen our two countries. It 8 the work and the duty of the Chrisïan Endeavorers to make impossible uch an idea." For Australia response was made by tev. Joseph Walker, of Queensland; or China, by Rev. El-vrood G. Tewks)ury, a mlssinary in the vicinity of Pekin; for Turkey, by Rev. Lyndon S. Crawford, for many years a miesionary in that country; for Japan, by Rev. Otis Carey; for Mexico, by Rev. C. Scott Williams, and for the United States by Rev. Arthur J. Smith, of Georgia. At the close of the big meeting the erowd thronged to the platform to be presented to the mayor and the officers of the United Society. This closed the fiist day of what promises to be one of the most notable gatherings in the hisory of the organization. At the annual business meeting. w-nich was held yesterday, Rev. Clark presided and delivered a short address telling of the progress of the society. Reports of officers were read and the present officers unanimously re-elected, as follows: President, Rev. Dr. Francis B. Clark; secretary, John Willis Baer; treasurer, William Shaw - all of Boston.