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A Chicago judge has decided that automobiles have a right on park driveways. The town of Garthby, Ont., has been entirely destroyed by forest fire and 400 persons were rendered homeless. ,By the bursting oí a cannon Joseph Gotzslein, of Kewaunee, Wis., lost one eye and may lose the sight of the other. Surgeon Clendennin died at Santiago, Cuba, July 4, of yellow fever. Captain Clendennin was a native of Illinois. When Frank Howard, son of Mrs. Francés Howard, of Chicago, went to awaken his mother for breakfast, he found her dead. Dr. James I. Brownson, the venerable pastor of the Frist Presbyterian church of Washington, died Tuesday night, aged 82 years. Mrs. Mary Wright Sewall was elected president of the International Council of Women, which has closed íts session at London. George Branner, a retired carpenter, of Chicago, was asphyxiated. Whether the gas jet was left open by accident or by design is unknown. Daniel Roberts, a farmer living three miles west of Willow, Mich., while working his team ín the field was bitten by a rattlesnake. He will probably die. Charles Wilson and Johnnie Premo, aged 8 and 10 respectively, were watching a fire at Flint, Mich., and were struck by falling debris, breaking their necks. A stranger, about 35 years old, dropped dead on the street at Baraboo, Wis. From papers found on his per&on it is supposed he was James Taggart, of Chicago. Emma Mulligan, formerly Emma Mertel, well known in Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire, Wis., committed suicide by taking carbolic acid. She was married a month ago. According to a decisión of the Michigan supreme eourt a guardián is not responsible for funda placed in bank and that are lt by the subsequent failure of the banking institution. Mrs. Bunce, a Dundee, Mich., woman who had half of her stomach removed on account of cáncer trouble, has so far improved in health that she will be discbarged in a few days from the hospital at Ann Arbor.