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Engene Heiber was here on Satnrday H. T. Morton, of Ann Arbor, passec thiongh here Satnrday niorning o bis way trom Adrián. Under Sheriff M. Gillen, of Adrián passed through town on Snnday Miss Coloy, of the high school staff is visiing friends in Utica. Miss Powers, of G. C. Townsend Millinery department, left for Por HurcD on Monday. John Barnard, lately employed at th JL S. depot, bas been appointed con ductor on the Ypsilaati & Saline brancli of the D., Y. & A. A. By. D. A. Bennett, who has been sic with nenralgia of the stomacb, is abie to be out agam. John Mitcbell, aow of Chicago, is spending a few days with relatives and friends here. H. Humphrey, of Detroit, spent the Fonrth with Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Townsend. Miss May Davis, of Reading, is visit ing friends ia the village . Miss Hattie Porter has retnrned t Detroit after a short visit with he uncle. Sometime during the uight ot the Foorth Clinton Clark's resideac caught fire and was burned to the ground. It is supposed the fire wa cansed by firecrackers. The loss i complete. The house was insured fo 11,200; eontents, 500, of whioh two thiids wiil be paid by the Muttial Co Miss Daisy Humphrey, of Detroit, is speiiding a week with her rnother. On Monday last S. H. Maher sold ou and gave possession of his hardwar store to Johü McKinnon and Ex-Mar shal Jerry. Mi'. Maher who has been in failing health will rest up f or a time. It is safe to say the new firm will get their share of the trade. George Lindeley, mayor of Clinton, was in town on business Wednesday. Th e most brilliantpyrotechnical display in the nistory of the village was enjoyed by the citizens on Monday night. A crowd of men and boys armed wih Roman candles lined np on each side of Main st. and a pitchea battle followed. To an outsider the spectacie was most dazzling, and worth going miles to see in addition to a liDeral postal fee. That the sport was also dangerous, "Bill" Winslcw, of Ann Arbor bears witness, having caught one of the embryonic metors fnll in the optie. That his eye wasnotknooked out is miraculous. Most of the local dealers in these lines have no stock to carry over. Stela Fitzgerald has purchased the strnet sprinkling ontfit form Fred Binder and will hureafter dispense the aquerous on our streets. There were not people enough left in Saline on tne Fonrth to ring tne fire bell. Tne doctors in Ypsilanti did a land office buiness. Mrs. Michael Zahn was buried on Monday. The maiden name of de ceased was Doelker and she was a native of Germany. She retired apparntly in gooa health and was fourid dead in bed. The demise of Edwin W. Ford oc curred Sunday, July 2. He was bom at Riga, Monroe county, N. Y., ij 1828. Wheu six years of age his father and the rest of the family removed to Michigan and settled in York town ship foor miles southeast of Saline. He shared with the reet of the family the toil and privations of pioneer life. Of a family of 11 bnt f onr survive, Mis. Sylva Hobbs, of Kalamazoo ; Mrs. Mranda Mnnson, of Lndington ; Mrs. Alvira Davis, of Lansing, and J. Henry Ford, of Mi Jan. Mr. Ford was first married to Ellen P. Fuller of which uuion Flaviers D., is the only snrvivor. Mrs. Harriet Bassett, of Detroit, is the daughter of the second marriage. Deceased in his life time was a carpenter and worfced at the trade until recent years. He bnilt the Moorevile M. E. churcñ in 1856, the Saline M. E. chnrch in 1857, and the Dixboro M. E. chnrch in 1857. He was buried by the F. & A. M., No. 133, of which lodge he had been a meruber for over 30 years. Mr Ford was an honest and conscientions man and leaves his family a good name.