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And The Man Stayed On

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home days ago complaint was made íd due tonn for the purpose of recovering possession of a residence property which üad been rented to some ladies. Tbe ladies did not propose to permit the papers to be served on them. First Deputy Dwyer was sent but he faüed to serve the papers. Sheriff Gillen nexfc tried his hand with no better success. Deputy Marvin Davenport was then sent. He did not propose to be bluffed. Tbe lady upon whom he wished to serve the paper, to escape service, fled to a closet ín tbe yard and fastened the door. Now as is well known, Davenport is another Job m patience and seating himself on a handy lumber pile, he awaited developments. Occasionally, it is alleged, the lady would look to see if the official was still on his perch. He was tbere all right enough and there he stayed for an honr and a half, the mean thiDg. as the lady called him. As time wore on the conversatioa, while epigramatic aud aarcastic, on one side at least, become quite continuons. Notwithstanding the enibarassing surroundings, nothing could disturb the equanmity of the waiting official, he was iu quest of gain. He beamed with good nature, graciously ignoring the unpleasant things that were said to Inrn each time the door opened the least bit to see if "the flag (Devanport; was still there." At last the fort was dered and the garrison marched out and submitted to the service of the legal document. The successfnl official then returned to bis superior officyr and received his commendation, "well done, good and faithfnl servant. "