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Sir George's Luck

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Judge Harriman has written L Gruner, trustee, from Loudon, that tne Sir. John Reade estáte is practically settied. Tiie estáte aruounted to L10,000. This, less the expenses of distribution, etc., will be divided into five shares, not equal shares, however, as Sir John had provided specially for each one. Sir George Reade, of Webster, was to start for America witb his share soon after the date of Judge Harriman 's letter. George Merrill, of Webstei, is the guardián of Walter Reade's childreu. The other three parts go to Mis. Einüie Green, of Ann Arbor,Mrs. Louise Pieroe,of Ypsüanti, and Mrs. Lawrénce, of Webster. Judge Harrimau writes that clothes arë cheap in London. Shoes are dearer thau in America aud uot so handsome. After lookiug after another estáte, Judge Harriman visits Paris bef ore returuing home. He &ays he would like tovisit Germany, but he is atraid he would have too much troubla with the language to have much pleasure.