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We Cure Stricture

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DEK.&K.Í 3 The Leading Specialists of America y 3 20 Years In Detroit. BI m 250,000 Cured. M Pi Thousands of young and middle-aged W UJ menaretroubled with this disease- many UkJ r-a unconsciously. They may have a Pj [J ing sensation, small, twisting stream, fö ■ sharp cutting pain at times, ■ i 'M charge, difficulty in commencing, weak fr u organs, cmissions, and all the symptoms L ■ of nervous debility- they have ■ ■ TURE. Don't let doctors experiment on ■ HQ you, by cutting, stretching, or tearing f&k iM you. 'i'hiswillnot cure you. IT1 UU turn. Our NEW MEÏIIOD UM ri MENT absorba tho etricture tissue; TJ henee removesthestricturepermanently. IJJ HH It can never rcturu. No pain, no RH Jm ing, no detntion from business by our M H method. UÜ H ened. The nerves are invigorated, and H ■ the bliss of manhood returns. BwecuregleetE %M Thousands of young and middle-aged I'X LU men are having their sexual vigor and BJ vitality continually sapped by this HJ lt ease. They are frequently unconscious I jl ■ of the cause of these symptoms. General U ■ Weakness, Unnatural Discharges, m ■ ing Manhood, Norvousness, Poor ■ li ory, Irritahility, at times Smarting lrS y sation, Sunken Eyes, with dark circle?. 1AJ T!m Weak Back, General Bepression, Lack PJ [►"1 of Ambition, Varicocele, Shrunken r ■M Parts, etc. GLKET and STRICTURE Ml [JJ may be the cause. Don't consult family r3 J doctors, as they have no experieuco in UJ ■ these special diseases- don't allow B ■ Quacki to experiment on you. Consult H ■J &pecialists,whohavemadealifestudyof H KI Diseases of Men and Women. Our NEW K LU METHOD ÏREATMENT will Um yM tively cure you. One thousand dollars FM L3 for a casa we accept for treatment and LJ H cannoture. Terms moderate for a cure. Mi J CURES GUARANTEED U ■ We treat and cure: EMISSIONS. I ri VARICOCELE. SYPHILIS, GLEETÍ H UU STRICTURE, IMPOTENCY, SECRET ITi pi DRAIXS. UNNATURAL UU J ES, IvIDNEY and BLADDER Diseases. Fï H CONSULTATION FREE. BOOKS LJ rl FKEE. ]f unable to cali, write for ■■ iifTNT3 fOr H0MEE DRS. HKennedysKerganR Cor, Michigan Ave. and Shelby St. m [fl DETROIT, IW1ICH. PM