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Young Bicycle Thief

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The case of LeRoy Pardee charged with larceny was disrnissed before Justice Doty Tnesday afternoou. It is a case with a peculiar story, which made the reecommendation ot Prosecuting 4.ttorney Kirk and the action of the jtistice in the matter very corninendable. LeRoy Pardees' inother is a hard workiug woman being engaged aa cook in a hotel. She has reJatives near Grass Lake, and sent her sou to spend his vauation with his step grandfather atthat village. The boy's pareuts had seperated ard it is supposed that his father is iti Detroit. The latter "has married again. After the boy had been for tvvo weeks iu Grass Lakp, his grandfather told him to ge to his father n Detroit, bonght liim a ticket to Ann 4rbor, gave him 50 cents aud put hita u the train. When the boy arrived iu lis city he did not kuow wimt to do. At iase-he weut to Lt-on obáw's bi íore and hired a bicycle for three íouis. With this, he went to Detroit o huut his father. This was on June 9. Iu Detroit he aroused the suspiions of the pólice by his trying to sell ne bicycle to get somethmg to eat. 'he pólice telephoned to Marshal Gtrster, who with León Shaw went to Dea'oit and ideutified the wheel and tlie joy. Mr. Gerstner coiumuuicated vith the niother and she borrowed the naoney and carne on. With a true motbers devotion she said the boy was 11 she had ; that he had always been good, honest boy and sn far as he vas able had always helped her. The boy was very penetent and realized ully the position he was in. The mother wanted to take the boy along. After consultation the 'county being held harmless the mother was allowed o take her sou and leave. She made a good irnpression upon the offlcers as a hard workiug houest woman. She appeared to be about 35 vears of age. She said her place in New York wonld be kept open until Ang. 1. She intended guing to relatives in Jackson county to try and earu enough rnoney to go back east.