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From The Klondike: A Patient Enters the University Hospital

From The Klondike: A Patient Enters the University Hospital image
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There was au interesting operation at the Uuiversity hospital Mouclay npon a mau from the far away Kloudike. The patieut's name is Elmer Bates and the operation was perforrued by Drs. Darling and Spitzley. Last September Mr. Bates was upset in the Yukon by tho overturning of a boat and had a leg brokeu. Such attention was given the fracture as the facilities of the place adrmtted. But when he arrived at the hospital the limb was fouud to be in a bad conditiou. The leg was broken jnst above the ankle, and as it had not had proper care, the ends of the broken tibia had bulged out in front forming a letter V. The ends of the bone had not knitted rogether at all because a considerable amount of tissue had grown betweeu the broken ends. The euds were laorticed so then wonld fit together nicely and thee in place with screws. Tho ends of the flbula or suiall of the twy bones of the leg were brougbt together and fastened with silver wire. The vrork was done in the most approved, scientific fashion and with dispatch. The screws and the silver wire will be leffc iĆ¼ place even when recoveryj is complete wlnch will probably require abont fonr or six weeks. It is expected notwithstanding the long delay beiore the limb received proper care thnt it will now be as good as bef ore the break.