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Who Will Be Named as President of The Normal School System of Michigan

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Tomorrow tJbe state boird or edncaiou holds a meeting at Marquette?and ;he new president of the normal school ystem of the state will probably be appointed. Some days ago the Argus irinted the names of several prominent dnoators whose names were under conideration by the board. None of them vere candidates and all are now otherwise disposed of except two. The plaoe was offered to Dr. David Engene Smith, ormer professor of matheinatics in the Ypsilanti normal and now principal of he Brockport normal schoi 1 of New York. A formal tender of the place was not made bnt hu was given to understand tnat he could have the position f he would take it. But he has too good a tbing where ne is now and üuows too mnch of the conditions in Michigan to accept the place. Dr. Hinsdale or course would not onsider the position ; Sopt. Whitney,of Saginaw, is well provided for asinspecor of high schools and assistaut pro'essor of pedagogy in the university; Dr. Arnold Tompkins, of Charnpaign, ïas been elected to the presidency of téstate normal college of Illinois; and L. O. .Tones is now drawiijg 87,000 alary as superiuteudant of schools at ClevelaDd, which position under the preent law is practically a lifer and at :he same time makes the snperintenlent au autocrat withiu bis sphere. ?he two left of the original list are Supt. Daivd McKenzie, of Muskegon, tnd Supt, O. N. Kenclall, of New Haven, Oonu. One of these men is quite likely to receivn the appoiutment uerefore. Supt. Kendall was sent for ome days ago aud was rt Lausing ycserday in cousultatiou witn the i □tendeut of public iutruction. Mr. ieudall is an experieiied public school man and a gradúate of Hamiltou colege, New York. He was principal of he Jacksou high school under the uperintedency of F. M. Kendall and when F. M. Kendall resigned to take he superintendancy of tne Grand Rapids schools, Principal C. N. Kendall ujceeded hiru. After several years at fackson, Mr. Kendallwent to Saginaw e. s. , as superiuteudent. After two or ;hree years iu that positiou he resigned and went to Chicago into the real estáte ínsiness. After the world's fair the jottoin dropped ont of real estáte and ie went ou the road as a rpresentative of D. C. Heath & Co., pubiishers of school books. He left his position to take the superintendency of the New Haven public schools. He has been in that position four years. Mr. Keudall aas made an euviable record as a superintendent of schools. He is a man of fine presence in the prime of intelleetnal and phyisual manhood and about 40 years of age. Sopt. McKeuzie is a Michigan man, a gradúate of the university aud also a puccessfnl superintendent of schools. He was for some years principal of the Flint high school and later was intendent of the city schools there. He is now superintendent of schools at Mnskegon where he has beeu eminently snccessful aud is most popular with the people. He is a close personal friend of the Flint rneruber of the state board of education, Mr. Platt. Shonld Mr. Platt díctate the appointinent McKinzie wil! rio donbt be the man. At Vpsilauti the sentiment among members of the facnlty is that ■whilf these men are abla and successful educators ïu the line of the work tüey are now enaged in, they are in no sense normal school men or special students of normal school probleins.