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Increasing State Taxes

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The üaiamazoo Teiegrapn saturaay priuted nearly a page cf matter cotnpiled by State Accountant Humphrey, showiug tlie total amonnt of state tax that vfill be apportioned to the connties in 1899-1900; also the ainouut authorized by previous legislatnres. It inclndes a similar statement íor the years 1897-1898. Among the institation and miscellaneons appropriations wbich carry tax clanses, the increase for edncational purposes was $408,320.84 ; for asylums, exclusive of ihsane, $811,779.95; for iusane, $1,145,030.55; for reform atories, $358,190.75. A decrease of 8187,484.33 is shown ïu the miscellaneons división, makíng a net increase in the tax for all purposees in 1899 and 1900 over that of 1897 and 1898 of $2,095,837.77. The main items entering into this $2,095,837.77 increase, aside from the appropriatious for buildings at the several institutions and tnose already enumerated, are $92,091.67 - increased aid to the university ; the items growing out of the war with Spain - i. e. soldiers' aid fund - care of sick soldiers - f184,183.33; Michigan war loan of 1898, $138, 13. 50, and naval brigade, $8, 406.15.