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Marine Engineering - The Latest Addition to the University Courses

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The university never,befcre was ia as good coudition or had such bright prospects aa at present aud the final resnlt should be a very large inerease in the uurnber of studeuts. The new Homeopathie hospital will first be built, thea, next sunirner the 8200,000 science hall. After that is paid for, the uext building undertaKen will nudoubtedly be to inake uiors room for tne ruechanical laboratory, which is already greatly cramped for room. This is growing iu popnlarityjwith thestudents, as its graduates are seen earning good salaries, aud iu this scieutific age, when new inventions are revolutionized the machine shops and tmildiug up riew factories, different íxúlí previous oues, tiie deroaiid iucrpases for traintd men, who can qnickly grasp and apply new scieuïfic principies and carry on the würk of iscovery still farther.J Henee the numer of students applying for shop work s constantly increasing. A new branch of engineering was rovided for at the' meeting of the reieuts this week, that of marine engieeriug. Tuis will put Michigan Uniersity in the lead in marine architecure. A competent instructor will be provided and the work will be uuder he charge of Prof. M. E. Cooley, reently ot the Yosemite. With the revival of American comnwee and Americau shippiug which eems to be iu the air, this should open an opportunity for enterpirsiug young nen to fit themselves for holding good rositions