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July Mark Down Clearing Sale at Schairer and Millen

July Mark Down Clearing Sale at Schairer and Millen image
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I n Clearing Sale. f Ttiis Prtce List the Key Note tor Our July Growds. % C READ THE LIST AT 5 CENTS. ■ 25 Pieces White India Linen at 5c a yard f 15 Pieces White Plaid Muslin at 5c a yard L 50 Pieces Best 6c and 7c Prints all : 5c a yard 10 Pieces Stripe Shirtings at 5c a yard L 500 Yards Ginghams - Closing out at 5c a yard 50 Pieces Wide Embroideries at 5c a yard T Rubber Stockinet Dress Shields 5c a pair L Large Cotton Huck Towels 5c each Stevens Linen Toweling 5c a yard [ Check Toweling 5c a yard 7 L Fine, Yard Wide, Bleached Cotton 5c a yard !5 Pieces Dimities and Lawns 5c a yard T L Fine, Yard Wide, Sheetine at 5c a yard L L 10 Dozen Infant's White Muslin Bonnets at 5c each Big Lot Laces at 5c a yard 500 Yards White Curtain Muslin at 5c a yard L S SUMMER SPECIALS-FACTS ABOUT WASH SKIRTS C M 'Z&m A Great Sale for July. Elundredsof rS'"'-rf White Pique Linen and Crash Skirts fËÊÊ&SSr at about Half-Priee. ÉWV 10 r)ozen Crash skirts at 29c V 5 Dozen Crash Skirts with 3 rows of L. -rW&&$5. White Duck around bottom, $1.25 p SIMFt 3 Dozei? Wbite Pique Skirts, floe . rtli quality, trimmed with insertion, $2.50 f i ! Wmtffl quality, for $1.5O. % fi v5E1 10 U?2611 White Pique Skirts, trim T psrwöJ me( w'ta one row fancy insertion ifcNlVxill around bottom, doublé raised seams in J L I I F %$&" frOnta $15 Skirt ÍOr í)8c' r mt ií . -Dzen Fine White Imported Pique T JK1 Skirts, Elegautly Trimmed with L Jf ? ' broidery Insertion - a $4.00 Skirt JEhÍ "ek 00 Yards Rich Black rePns J c ffl'Pl Markei) Down For This % vJSs ' S 10 )ozen lue I'1''11' W rappers at 49c. tt"'-'SÍL. Fretty Wrappers with deep llounce, VjP5 trimmed with Lace made of Dimity, L V Lawns and Percales at 98c tu $1.35 i SCHAIRER & Mil LEN, i C THE BUSY STORE.