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'iThe diiïerences between Great Britain and the Transvall have approached a stage dangeronslyü near war. It is said England isseeking ocean liners to transport 50,000 troopsjlwnich areiu perfect readiuess, to Sonth África, j , It is said the tide of pnblic'sentiment in New York against the use of the horse in the city streets is rising. A few years ago no other motive power was nsed. Now the horse is regarded as a noisance. The forces which have been potent toward relegating the horse to the dump of the has beens are the bicycle, the electric and cable cars, the automobile and the auto car. Then the offensiveness of horse emenations on city pavements is greatly increased and so public sentiment demands the elimination of the hor?e from the principal city thuronghfares. Such is the progress of civilizatioa. There appears to be do progress in the negotiations for a settleruent of the Alaska boundary dispute. Araabssador Choate and Lord Salisbury appear no nearer an agreement on a mudus vivendi than at the beginning of their discnssions. Indications are that the joint high commission for the settlement of all questions 'between Canada and the United States will notagaiu meet. The dispute over the Alaskan boundary was what brought all the work of the commission to naught before the adjournment was taken. Since then Amabssador Choate and Premier Salishnry have tried their hands at a solntion but with no better sncoess. There would probably be little difficulty but for the pertiuacity of Canada. Hiuce the retarn of Dreyfns it has become public through his attorneys that he was tortured while a prisonei on Devils Island. The whole history of this case is snch as to cause the blush of shanie to inantle the cheek that such things are r possible in the elosing years of the 19th ceutury. Apparently whenever efforts were rene ed in France to secare a pardon for a new trial, the rigors of his treatmem were increased. As awfnl as the thonght appears, there seemed but one design in all this - to get che prisoner out of the way. It is to be hoped that for humanitys sake and the fair name of France tne second trial which is soon to begin will not be the travesty on justice that the first was, and that it will resnlt in his acquitai. Some days ago there was a meeting }n Bnffalo of the National Social and Political Conference. Duriug a discnssion of "Expansión and Militarism," by Rev. H. W. Thomas, of Chicago, the name of Admiral Dewey was mentioned but not asylable of applause greeted it. That one thing is all it is necessary to know as to the importanca of the organizatioii Any body of men in whoiu the process of so-called reflniug laas gone so far that there isn't left enough patriotism to arouse an enthusiastic cheer for the magnificent victory of Dewey, without the loss of a man or a sbip, must be of wmall conseqneuce. Tney certaiuly have no ralue as citizens. If plauted they might be worth somethmg to inspire cabbage. but from the standpoint ot public concerns it eau be of mightv little consequence what they discuss or resolve. The administration has determined to fill op the quota of men for the reinforcement of Gen. Otis' command by individual enlistments. No state organizations will be taken. The object of this, it. is said, is to escape responsibility to the people which always follows the state organizationa. Where individual enlistments are snade there is no way of keeping track of the soldier, but a state orgamzation is always closely looked after by the state autborities and friends of the soldier, through state authority. This manner of reerniting by individual snlistment is contrary to the spirit of the wishes of congress, but it enables the adniiüi Iration to escape, in a considerable measnre, responsibility to th-e people. It tends in the direction ol militarism and away from democraoy. UnqnestiouíiWy tbere should be a larger regular army establishment than exists toclay, but coiigress bas the nght to díctate and íts control of the matter should uot be iu any way relaxed or over riddeu.