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The Chicago Tribune has been t viting up the eaudidates for therepnbücan nomiuatious for state office nest fali and promises that thecampaign wil] be the livehest kind of a one. It thiuks that. Justice Long will not be a caiididate for goveruor, it not being likely that be" will resign eight and a half years on the supreme bench at a salary of 7,000 a year for a two ycars' term as governor at $4,000. Neither does it think that Secretary of State Stearns has been selected as the Pingree-Alger candidate. It is not sure thing that Gov. Pingree may uot decide to reach after a third term hiaiself. Stearns, hovvever, -would like to be governor. It is not believen! that the rival candidates for senator will engage in a preliuiinary struggln for the nomination for goveinor. It is this belief that has brought into the field an unnsually large uuiuber of caudidates for governor. Ex-Congressman James O'Donnell, of Jackson, who has had a hankeriug for this nemination for many years, is again in the field and will put up the best campaign possible. Auothar avowed candidate is Roscoe D. Öix, of Berrieu Spricgs, won is now serving his second term as Auditor-general, aud who has previously served two terms as Curnmissiouer of the state land office. Mr. Dix has a strong following among the old soldiers of the state, haviug beeu prominent in Garnd Army circles for a number of years. Still another selt-coiifessed candidate is Philip T. Colgrove, of Hastings, who shares the belief that thft nomination shoold go to the western section of the state, having beeu in the east for the last eight years. Railroad Oommissioner Chase S. Osborn is also mentioned, although he may run for congress. If,as is claim - ed, he is to be the active manager of Gen. Alger's senatorial campaign, he is not likely to enter the lists fcr governor. For secretary of state, Secretary Stearns will be renominated if he does not go in for goveruor. If he decidas to beoonin a candidate for governor.ex- Senator Fred M. Warner, of Birmingbam, will be a prominent candidate. The office of auditor -general pays the btst salary iu the list with the single exoeption of governor. Those who havo thus far announced tfleir candidacy to their friends are Perry F. Powers, of Cadillac, for the last 12 years a meniber of the state board of education ; Edward P. Waldrou, of St. Johns, one ot the most prominent commercial traveleiB in the state; George P. Reynolds, of Saginaw, grand secretary of the Natioual Order of Elks; ex-Circuit Judgc William R. KendricK, of naw; Joliu F. WilkrnsoB, f Berrieu I Springs, the presPiit deputy anditor-: general; a u cl Bujiy Huiuphrey, of Laui'it!, state Hccnautaiït. Tbia field i wiJl doubili's' i'f adder! to uaateiially as the oauipaigu advances. For coiDtnissioner or tbe Stute Laúd office t bree eaüdidates are alrendy in the field, O. C. Tcropkins, of i.niisiug, wno was protnim m in t lis maLagemeut of Geu. Alge] s ■ lupaíg)) for rhi i:oí:iinaticD foi pri . ' i ; Ti.v. hm i d A, E!y, of Anua, w bo f ;-t(-rl for the nonjinatioii lst yeur; hu'1 Repreeertative Sanmei B, Loilius. iíí Jaclïsou. Tlirt e membi-is of tbe present sonate are out attfr rhc nnrriiuat'ou tor Ptati treasurer. Tlicy aro Mnttliew D. Wagn er, of H n ïoi) ; Gi-oige W. Moore, of St. Olair, and (novf !'. D .vi ui Macomb. The ntiiji Kt;Ji of tb :-'i'uí i bad ii teiideu-y tu breed politieuJ atnbitions tbis year. Aside frotn the aspirations above eunajerated, Senator E. A. Blakeslee, cf Berrieu, aud Smator Ira T. Sayre, of Genessee, have beeu inocnlat' ed witb au ambitiou to be lioutenantgovernor, and in all probability both will go before nest year s conveution as can didatff .