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"the Jewels Of Hope."

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k_ ti&S. Is there any sadder Zffif JgatUU or more pathetic .Sp rffcti tacle in this world[$r J1L than tliat of the mttllMfJ& poor woman éMmlÁtpjf) eddownwith WiWFMtÊSP ■wretcheduess andg 'EÊCrT "■Sla, rf Tiyai Üiere is no fVvife V V more hope -PccH of healtfiy p VyiLpiÉ happiness - -pCr ftiÊ M hand YGXÊIi " more Jf( J lightful and inspiring picture than that of the same ■woman when the spirit of renewed life comes to her again and holds up before her the jewels of hope, and the regal garments of rejuvenated health and happy complete womanhood ? " I had been a sufferer for more than one year with severe depressing pains in my womb," says Mrs. Annie L. Mathews, a lady living at 310 Broadway, Newoort, R. I., in a thankful letter to Dr. R. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y. "I seemed to have no life or eaergy, I was always in such tnisery. " At times I suflered so much I thouffht that death would be better for me. I had tried doctors and different kinds of medicines but all failed to do me any good. I commenced to take Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and also his ' Pellets,' and had only taken one bottle when I feit much better. When I had taken four I feit entirely welt. I contiuued to take it and today I am in every way a well woman, and I have found that life is worth living. To all women who suffer wiih any womb trouble I would recommend this medicine. I thank the Lord that such a doctor as Dr. Pierce was born." Delicate, pain - weary women neèd not hesitate to write to Dr. Pierce. All Communications are accepted in absolute confidence; never published without express permission ; and always answered with earnest consideration to give thï best possible advice of which a life-Iong professional experience is capable. Such advice is absolutely free.