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CCT THIS AD pSfc ' OUTssd icndto ■fgfjR jb CO ithin 700 miles of ChitaSo, we wlll . end Jou thli TOP BCGBÏ Bï FBfcIHHT C.O.B. -iTwlïl !- SrBJKCT TO KXASIISATION, you eau exnimuo It at jour frelghl depot and '',,';'"! X A HHH I m PKRFECTLY SATISFACTOKY, KXACTLY AS KKI'RKSKSTED, KQ.I.AL TO IH.UMkS X V I ËSg that RETAILAT60.00to 7S.00 aod THE QRANDEST BARGAIN YOU EYER SAW, JALwS3 lt= ps, ihefreigut gent OUR SPECIAL PRICES38.9O, -TIMT i rtMBr ■ - i and f reiftht charges, less the (1.00 sent witu ordor. "1- ■" xMK7SHIHPV t WP M4KFTHI!TnPRII(;r?YINOl:!tovvNFA(rr0KY!;' "CAGO, V(CHBtaáB Bs-f N WbWftHfc IHIÏ lUfbUtaUIf better matoriai than most iNWiJH HtAA makers put in $75.00 basgies. Latest Style For 1899. Bi), I JBM 3- 84x54 trom the Best Seasoned Wood. tor, Best That Moncy Can l p!3SlSr U-T7V VQwFC 1 Euild. End Sprlngs, as illustratcd, or Brewster Side Bar. ffheels, 'AJ(fCpf VyTJ High Grade Screwed Rira Sarven!s Patent. Top, 24 ounce, Daily Y YAoi V X L Kubber Hearily Lined, f uM stde and back eurtains. Palntlng, XTff}ii -VsJVváílíí teed equal to any 8150.00 bugrgywork, Body black, Geardark green w TfM & or Red. l'pholBtpring, heatr green F.-cnch body cloth or Kvan's Leather. "-l '■ ■■'1 $38.90 IS OUR SPECIAL PRICE for top buggy complete, wlde or narrow track, foll lonzth slde and lïack eortnlns, storrn pïoncarppl, irrenVh, antl-rallÜrs and ihaflj. GUASANTEED TWO ÏEARS wiH last allfetime. For Bngelcsatí I 5.93 anj op, WRITK FOR KRKF. BCfiOT CATALOOCE. YOU CAN MAKE $500.00 This Year SelliniT OUR 38.90 B0GGIES. OKDER ONE TO-DAY, YOU CAN SELL. IT FOK SöO.OO. DON'T DBLAY. Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.), CHICAGO, ILL.