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Wfc. &■ jK.-.tfcl . ' Out lh! ad. oul and end ! u „Ith Í1.OÜ, and e willsendjou thla NKW lgfcgSS ÜHW, h B IJll'RIIVED ACJIK Ql'EEÏ PARLOH OIUU.V, b) rnlfhlC. O. 1). , subject lo ' Ejjjt - MMJai faT % nmlntlon. You can examine it at yournearest freight depot, tttejgggÑ,svwA.i and if you flnd it exactly u reprcueiited, equal to orcaus tluit OwMMMMHklHÉÉHMMMNRJlwH retailat #J5.00 toKllOO.OO, the gieatest value you ever saw and ynHB far better than organs advertised by others at more money, pay BlBofSBlH KR Hf the freight agentuur peciul !)O doy' offer prlee, S3l.i'ö, ItNloMil less the 1.00, or 30.75, and freight charges. AWWwHB Hl S3I.75 IS PUR SPECIAL 90 DAYS' PRICE ffLifSS II IbJH E eil by olbers. tuch uu offer wui never ïnnde bct'ore. 55 5? Xw & f THE ACMEQUEENisoreüfthemotDlBABLF.A.USWEETEST ,ËTnH HO Kjliám - &S% TONKl) i.ntrumpnl t-icr mnJc. From the illustration shown, which T1K - K üBafcHj iscnKraveddirectfromaphotograpli.youcantornisomeideaofits QH B liL x M - ■ KccBl' In-autiful appearance. Made from olld quarter xuwcd . , -M ' '■■Wt HflWlB ottk, antiqueflniöh.handsomelydecoratedaiidornamented, ddM EE'A09 lati-nt l!íttyle. THE ACJIE (iCKE.V is 6 feet 5 inches high, S ■ " JgW E 1 inclies long, 23 inches wide and weighs 360pounds. HK BfeB 1B tains f octaves, 11 stops, as follows: Diapasón, Printlpnl, VK Mn H) Uuldana, melodía, Celeste, t'remona, Basa Coupler, Treble SM WÊt HM Coupler, Diapasón Forte and Voi Humana: 2 Octave Coaplers, "fíM Kjfll W'! 1 Tnuc Swrll. KlrandOrgan Swell, i 8et Orebtltral Toned A9 ffiSBB !WPal Keionatorr Pipe (jualll; Kepda, 1 Sel or 81 Fnre Sweet Melodía IB SS&ÊiSiL3ï3lL mrS0t,mEí I jR M K.icli, 1 Set ufas CharmliiKl; BrIUUnt Celeste Beed, 1 Sct .if VH B IllBiSk. 24 Kleh Mello Smoolh Ulapanoo Keed, 1 "itrif") riinilnr. ,C.'! ' ■■" '4 Hj Ym '' Hoft JU'lodlou Principal Iteed. THE ACMÉ QIIEEX "&K SPíi "f U WltiMtW Eion consist of the celebrated Newell Keed, which are oniy Ttl used ín the highest grade Instruments; fltted with lH mond Couplers and Voi Humana, also best Dolge felts, ,_M HlllBIKfli lenthors, ctc.bellowsof the best rubber oloth, 3-ply gm BIMlW OK bellows stock and ünest leather ín valves. T1IE I 5 ,K:in: QI'EE.N ia furnished with a 10x14 beveled EáÉCfli HHl píate French mirror, nickel plated pedal (raines, 'i BSB Mil I i': and every modern itnprovement. We furnUh free a 1 IBEkHI' ,.iiiio orean ,timl nnd tlie be( orfan Inatructlon boot pulillshed. U BHH El GUARANTEED 25 YEARS. Jf&iSSEAES jl B Issue a writtcn bíndinx 26-year guarantee, by the ■wTSSrTRfjaËBPK IlífljHíl terms and condltlons or whích ifany part gíves out , lv&'íflt)íflMKfflM S-mk m repair lt free ufchnrite. Try it one month and t' Ir'Vnty rWM EÉR liC orWmM HLI üEw satislled. 500of these orpransvill lo sold at 31.35. "■Hl OmmTS iTIfMjJl KF OURRELIABILITYISESTABLISHED .yo ü; " a'pJ pF iiot dealt with us ask your neifíhbor about us.write '''■■., $Lj3& the publisher of this paper or Metropolitan National . "„_ _„„.„„ Bank, orCorn Exchange Nat. Bank, Chicago; or Germán Exchancro Bank, KewTorkl or any railioad express company in Chicago. We bate capital of oirr 700,000.00, oceupy entlr. );■ nt ihe largest business wí)clírf '" Chicago, and employ nearly 2,000 people in our own building. WK SEU OBUaNS AT 22.00 aud up; nUKW. "?" and up; also evcrything ín musical instrumenta at lowcst wholesnle prlces Wrtte lor free speciiU '""".' '"'" , and musical instrument catalogue. Address 8er, Boeluct ít Co. aro Ihorougblr rcllable - lliior. i SEARS'POEBUCK & CO. (Inc.), Fulton, Oesplaines and Wayman Sts., CHICAGO. ILL.