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"saved Her Life."

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MES. JOHN WALLET, of Jefferson, Wis., than whom none is more bighly esteemed or widely known, writes. "Tn 1890 I had a severo o.ttack of LaGrippe and at the end of four mentes, in spite of all physicians, iriends and good nursing could do, my lungs heart and nervous system were so completely wrecked, my life was despaired of, my ,'riends giving me up. 1 could only sleep by the use oí opiates. My lungs and heart pained me tcrribly and my cough was most agprravatiug. I coulfl not lie in one position but a thori time and not on my left side at all. My h-asband brought me Dr. Miles' Nervine anrl Heart Cure and I began taking them. When I had taken a half bottle of each X was muchbetter andcontinuing perslstently ï topic about a dozen bottles and w;. -i eompletely restóred to health to Dr. Miles' Remedies jV fyyk are sold by all - jum " v9 gists under a positive E IVlilS JB guarantee, Crst bottle KHsSCSClIlnfc benefits or money fe " RogtorPB j funded. Book oa & .. . ' -jB eases of the heart and Wfe98 nerves free. Address, j JËSÉtiéÉtèmÊm DE. MILES MEDICAL CO.. Elkhart, Ind.