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Manila, July 12, 7:25 p. m. - A copy uf The Independencia has reached Manila containing the speech whichAgunaldo made during the recent celebration at Tarlac of the anniversary of the proclamation of Filipino independence. In substance it is as follows: "Filipino, beloved daughter of the ardent sun of the tropics, cómmended by Providence to the care of noble Spain be not ungrateful to her salute who warmed you with the breath of her own culture and civilization. It is true she sought to crush thy aspiration for indepndence, a sa loving mother opposes separation forever from the daughter of her bosom. This but proves the excess of love and affection Spain feels for thee. Filipina! Delicate flower of the east, scarcely eight months weaned from the breast of thy mother, thou hast dared to brave a great and powerful nation suchas is the United States, after barely organizing and disciplining thy little army. Has Hopea of TJncle Sam. "Yet we reply we will be slaves to none, nor allow ourselves to be deceived by soft words. Let us continue to defend our fatherland until independence is assured; for this is justice. We shall see at last that the great American nation will acknowledge the right wihch is on our side. That doctrine of the great Monroe, that America is for Americans, is not forgotten, just as we affirm that the Philippines are for the Filipinos. Some states of the Rmerican Union have arisen in our favor. Thus many of the people and many statesmen centure President McKinley as inhuman for having ordered his military reprentatives at Manila to seek means to bring about hostilities with the iFlipinos. Will Figlit on for Intlependence, "These facts prove that they wished to try us to see if we are able to live up to the second color of our banner, which signifies courage, heroism and martyrdom. Therefore we should not resent this struggle with the Americans. In spite of their expressed desire to domínate all the Philippines, well convinced are they that we fight with justice and right on our side, and that autonomy is all a show of deceit, only serving to save certain accumulated wealth. We have never concealed our aspirations, that we desire but te indepenndence, that we will struggle on to obtain it, perhaps from thosewho are now our enemies and tomorrowwill be our allies, as they were for the overthrow of the power of Spain. "Filipinos, let us be constant! Let us strengthen the bondg of our union."