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The Ypsilanti post office during the past year clearsd 142.2. 16 above expenses. Glenn V. Trowbridge of thie city has a position in the U. S. Signal Service at Washington. Dr. J. G. Lynds was out at Whitmore Lake the latter part of last week and caught a half dozen big bass. The Kyer Milling Co. buildings are to be repainted by O. O. Sorg. Work will be commenced tomorrow. The' New State Telephone Co. is now connected np with Dexter, Chelsea, Grass Lake, Cavanaugh Lake and Jackson. A deputy revenue inspector is in the city looking over deeds and mortgages, insurance agents certificates, etc, to see if they have been properly stamped. Some prosecutions for neglect are expected. The new front in the ofiicee of the American house, when completed, will be a great improvement. The former direct draft of cold air through the office will be stopped by the entrance being on the side. The judgment of Joseph E. Gage vs. the Township of Pittsfield has been certified to by the county clerk and will be spread upon the tax rolls by the supervisor. The judgment is for $250 with $60.70 costs. Prof. H. M. Chute this morning sent ont a handsome new row boat to Portage Lake where he and Prof. Montgomery and Rev. Charles Young own a cottage. They also send along with the boat the necessary lamber for a large veranda. The hay erop this year is reported to be abundant ana high prices are not looked for.' There will, be a very large oat crop. In many cases the timothy sowed among the wheat is eo rank that the farmers are cutting the wheat and timothy for hay. Architect Charles Sauer is drawing plans for a dry kiln of the Ann Arbor Chicory Co. The building is to be 42x26, two stories high. It will be provided with the Jatest improved apparatus. The company expect to start np about Oct. 1. Philip Bluin, the deputy county clerk is at present engaged in making a transcript of the marriage returns ior the last quarter which number 97. Now that Phil is married himself he thinks that there should not be so many returns to copy for the state department. Deputy Oil Inspector Archie Wilkinson.of Chelsea, was in the city today and fileil his oath of office and bond. He says thac he has nothing to do with inspecting gasoline. When ever there was an explosion they investigated the fact3 because it was often alleged that it was kerosene. Chas. Ratti was before Justice Doty yesterday charged with being a truant and disorderly child. The judge suspended sentence on him. Frank Baker was also before his honor charged with being drunk. He got costs or 10 days. He will f eed at the trough of Sheriff Orillen for 10 days. James W. Bruwn, of Ypsilanti, by his soliciter John P. Kirk has filed a bill for divorce from his wife Gertrude Brown on the ground of cruelty. They were marriea Maren 21, 1893, by Rev. Wiliiam Johnson at Ypsilanti They lived together until Aug. 2, 1895. He alleges that his wife deserted him three years ago. Wiliiam Feldhaeuser and Christian Wiegand vtho returned last week from the annual meeting of the Michigan Landwehr convention report their state society in fine condition. The next convention will be held in Alpena in two years it having been determined in the íufcure to hold a convention every two years instead of annually. The state association treasury shows $700 on hand. In tne case of the death pf aruember 1400 will be paid the widow and in case of the tieath of the wife cf a member the latter will receive $125. The mailgtar route to Worden teems to be hoodooed for the Ohio syndicate that have the contract. It was let, to tbem for about $245 a year with a daily delivery. They sublet to the oíd man Vandawarker who was killed in Lenawee county. Then it was iet to a Mr. Mason to commence July 1. He became tired at wbat he was to reeeive and stopped Saturday evening. Under these circnrustances L. Devereaux the old faithful carrier has again been called into service. All the reranneration he asks is the modest sura of$1.50 a day. When it is considered that he fnrniBhes his own horse and conveyance for hit sum it is seen he will not get very rich. For some time nnmbers of dead robins, bine jays, black birds and juirrels have been fonnd on tbe campus and vicinity. After watching carefully, parties have been detected in throwing grain supposed to be poisoned, abont the grouiid, for the pnrpose of killing sparrows. The friends of tne birds and sqmrrels propose prosecuting the parties concerned. For the few cents bounty given for sparrows it is an ontrage on the public to destroy our beautiful American birds and fox squirrels. Any one furnishing testimony to the city authorities leading to the conviction of the law breakers is a public benefactor. There is a severe -puniuhment provided by law for scattering poisoned grain, etc. It is to be desired that tbe misjreants may soon be brought to jtistice. From Wednesday's Daily Argus. Quite a number of acoidents are chronicled by our Wbitmore Lake correespondent in another column. There are 63 scholars attending Zions parochial school at prasent. Another teacher in addition to Director Boes may be appointed. A snmmons was issued thisafternoon In a caee of William Pratt against the township o? Lima. in which Pratt asks for 5,000 damages. W. E. Blackburn, of this city is a member of the honorary committee of the Emancipa Hou celebration to be held in Battle Creek Ang. 1. The three weeks old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jonn Mann, of W. Summit st., died yesterday. The funeral services will be held tomorrow. The Sunday school of Tnnity Lutheran church will give a social and serve ice cream and cake on the church lawn on Friday evemng ot this week. All are mvited. The Pittsfield drain which has just been let by Oonny Drain Commissioner Barry, costs 2,314 for work and is the highest priced drain the commissioner has let. The drain is over four miles long. The C. H. Müler second additioc, bounded by Hill, Oxford and Washtenaw ave., is being replated by the owner Mrs. Hurd. When the papers are completed it is to be placed upon the niarket. A large consignment of fish veas received at noon yesterday from Hon. A. J. Sawyer at Cavanaugh Lake. The weight of the largest fish were not ascertained, butit isbelieved Mr. Sawyer has broken his usual record. The weekly erop report from Lansing contains the following from Wash:enaw county: Wheat harvest well advanced and haying nearly completed ; showers have delayed all farm work ; oats, corn and potatoes doing finely; pastures are goodi The flrm of Clayton & Lambert, manufacturers of plnmbers' snpplies, of Ypsilanti, has begun the removal of its entire plant to Detroit, where it has a new building on Oolby ave., opposite ;be Pungs-Anderson factory. The firm will take with them eight families and 20 men. Drs. Copelana and Hinsdale left last evening for New York to vifit hospitals and architects. They propose to investígate the most approved buildings and methods aod consult with specialists so that the new homeopathie hospital will contain the most modem ideas and system in use. J. S. Henderson, manager, of the Ann Arbor Organ Oo. , yesterday received a cablegram from London, England, askïng if the company could fnrnish 100 of ;heir magnificent organs. He immediately cabled an acceptance of the order. Chis is only one of the many orders received by the company. The work of improving and remodelng the Ann Arbor station is progressïng'under the direction of Boss Carpenter Torn Turnbull, of Owosso. It will take three weeks to complete the work. The full details of the work, new floor, aeating appratus, etc, were published in the Daily Argus sometime siuce. John L. Smith, the administrator of ;he estáte of Samuel Johnsoa deceased, ;he the well known colored barber, of Dexter, sold Mr. Johnon's house and seven acres of land on Monday for $508. One daughter is to reeeive $50 another daugher $5 and the balance is to be divided between the remaining two daughters. William Lewis, proprietor of the bewis hotel, of Ypsilanti, and his son Warren who is well known as % follower of the grand circuit in the trotting world were yesterday arrested on the charge of assault and battery by a traveling agent for the McCormick Harvesting CJo. and this morning were discharged on account of lack of evidence. The yonng people of Zion s church are making stiong efforts to have their excursión, Thursday, July 20, to Detorit and Algonac a-, big success. The toat ride from Detroit to Algonac is well known as one of the most beautiful of the many boat rides that can be taken from. Detroit. The route is through the St. Clair Flats up the St Clair river. The Harngari Maennerchor, onder the direction of Frank McIntyre, are making preparations to give one of their entertaiuing concerts Friday evening, Jnly 21, in Germania hall. Prof. Lewellyu Eenwick, reeen tly retnrned from Paris, will give a piano solo. Walter Crego, the well knows cometiet, will particípate in the eoucert. This concert ! wili be appreciated coming as it does in tnidsutnraer. Jack Hillman, the reporter on the ! Telegraph who wasarrested on a charge ! of larceny,, in taking atiout $100 at different times frum nis employer's money drawer. was arraigned before Kecorder Peols; Tnesday afternoon. Ht demanded an examinatiou and the case was set for Friday morning at 10 o'clock. His bail was fixerl at $500. Claude S. Carney will represent Hillman. - Kalarnazoo News. News has been received that Gottlob Schleicher of Sandusky, Ohio, died Juiy 8, aged 77 years. He was the surviving uncle of Fred and Louíh Schleicher, of this city. He was bom in Stuttgart and remo7ed to Ann Arbor in 1832, crossing the ocean in company with the late Hon. Emanuel Mann and Chrisian Eberbach of this city. He was ery much respected. For several years he fllled the office of assessor in Sandueky He was particolarly wel! known as an ardent outspoken repablican. He always regarded Ann Arbor with peculiar affection. He leaves one sou in Cleveland and four daughters in Colnnabus. From Thursday's Daily Argus. Louis J. Lesimer bas eoid his house and lot in Saline. There were 2,204 deaths in Michigan daring June, which is 356 less than died in May. Prof. Geo. P. Coler will address the Young Men 's Christian Association at their roems next Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Julia Thurston, of Dexter township, died Tuesday, age 67 years. She leaves a husband and seven children. The Detroit Tribune says : "The Ann Arbor banks have made an excellent show ing for the close of business on June 30." A. Wilson bas accepted a position with J. F. Schub. He is in the electrical department and was in the Spanish-American war. There is one position in the state that "Billie" Judson can't pull. Collector Rich has just been authorized to employ a confidential clerk. Noble Monroe ,and Ed. O'Brien are employed by J. F. Sohuh in plumbing. Mr. O'Brien is a resident of Ypsilanti and Mr. Monroe was in Cuba. The orators for Germán day at Saline Aug. 17, are Eugene J. Helber, Congressman Henry C. Smith, of Adrián, Charles Werner, of Detroit, and otheis. John Lindenschmitt will remodel his residence on S. Main st. , raising the roof, aitering the rear of the house, put on a new porch, change the sewer counections and plumbing and repaint the whole. Ida Brown Bond, of Aun Arbor, was appointed by Jndge Newkirk guardián for her two children, Bessie A. and Chester D. Bond. They will receive from their father's estáte in Massachussetts the sum oi $8,000. The final account of George M. Voorheis, of Superior, administrator of the estáte of Mary B. Voorheis, corisisting of $523.34 was allowed yesterday and the money transl'erred to the guardián of the deceased's two minor children. A 24 page answer in the case of Mrs. Catherine M Fillmore, cotnplainant, vs. Toe Great Camp of the Knights of Maccabees for Michigan and Arbor Tent No. 296 defendants, was flled late this afterrnoon by tht) defendants solictors, Duraud & Cartón. In the probate court yesterday the will of Gottlob Bahnmueller, of Freedom was allowed. His wife Mary was appointed execntrix and Herman Niehouse and Jacob Bahnmueller appraisers. The estáte which consists chiefly of a farm is willed to Mrs. BahnnraelIer, his wife. An order entering the appearance of the administrator of James C. Deyo, deceased, in the case of Chester H. Bangs, coraplainant, vs. James C. Deyo, Debby H. Deyo, George N. Hatch and John C. Carer, defendants was made yesterday. This is a case transferred from Jackson county. E. P. Sagandorph is the complainants solicitor. Complamts are being made of the sickening stench arising from the burning rubbish on vacant lots ou W. Huron and W. Washington sts. It is Dot altogther the fault of the property owners, as the flres are started by boys. If however the property owners wouJd take the extra precautions to level the ground and catch the kids it might be prevented. Some slipper oil given the boys would stop the annoyance. Henry A. Sanders, a U. of M. gradúate who formerly taught Latin in the nniversity and has been abroad for sometime has been appointed instructor in Latin in the university in the place of Mr. Dennison at a salary of $1,200. George H. Allen, '98, has been appointed assistant in Latin. A. N. Clover has been appoiuted assistant in general chemistry. O. C. Lemen and Cora T. Beckvrith have been appointed assistants in zoology. After a week's waiting, Mayor Allen, of Ypsilanti, yesterday afternoon eansed the arrest under the state law, of eight liquor dealers on the charge of keeping open on the Fourth of July. They waived examination and gave bonds for their appearance in the circuit court in October. These are the alleged offenders : George Amet, Geo. Whitmire, Adam Schaner, John Terns. Geo ge Letter, Jacob Schmid Joseph Meyers, Smith & Fullerton.