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Pi How is this? " F4 ■tl Perhaps sleepless nights 13 MM caused it, or grief, or sickl l ness, or perhaps it was care. Al No matter what the cause, I Kr you cannot wish to look old SfJ XI at thirty. IA PJ Gray hair is starved hair. Ig ma The hair bulbs have been 11? n deprived of proper food or Vi gL proper nerve force. 0] nair 9 vigor fe] increases the circulation in yJ J9 the scalp, gives more power tL tl to the nerves, supplies 1 3 1% ing elements to the hair fcd bulbs. frl 13 Used according to mei mi tions, gray hair begins to fej show color in a few days. Ij I Soon it has all the softness Y H and richness of youth and El rm the color of earlylife returns, mi M Would you like our book M TA on the Hair? Wewiügladly 13 W send it to you. A Write ars IJ If you do not obtain all the i% benefits you expected from 1 pi the Vigor, write the doctor 1 KJ afcoutit. He may be able to tej I suggest something of value gM H to you. Address, Dr. J. C. I n Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass. V