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Will Go To Kalamazoo

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Jndge Newkirk, who lias been diJigeutly endeavoring to find a place for the insanej patients of this county, who are awaiting a place in tbe asylutns, has just received word that an arrangement had been made by wbich the flve lady insane patiënte in this county who are yet awaiting rooms in the asylums, won ld be taken at the Kalamazoo asylam. No provisión bas as yet been made for the male patients awaitingjplaces. The communioation of Judge Newkirk in the Areus advocating the building of au adition to the county house so thatinsaue patients coald be cared for there, their treatment being pnt in charge of the noiverity doctors has met with widespread comment and favorable comment too. It would fix it so that the nufortunate insane wonld not be cornpelled to consort with thieves and criiniuals at the county jail and so that respectable lamillies would not have tbe disgrace of having an unfortunate member of thelr family in jail. As far as the nniversity physicians are joncerned, it wonld increase the effiiency of their instructiou ou the subject of insanity and every physician is called upon to deal with this subject in some foim. ïhe couuty now has to pay $3 a week for patients committed to the asylums. The asylums are of ccrarse opposed to the county system of caring for the insaue, notwithstandmg their crowded condition, evidently fearing that the crowded condition which they now seem to want would not continue. Reference to Judge Newkirk's letter was made in various papers about the state and this rnay have had something to do with the arrangement to take the five lady patients at Kalamazoo