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Big Bank Deposits

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The reports of the condition of the four banks of the city at the close of business June 30, published íd the Daily Argus, shows some iuteresting figures. One thiug is that the resources anü the deposits of the banks are growiug, The deposits aggregate $2,618,965.30, which is considerable over two millions and a half and it is iiot so veiy long since we were talking of two millions being ou deposit iu the city. Tbis is about f25 per inhabitant as showu in the last census. The total resources of the banks were 83,139,924 31, qnite a respectable little sutu and one which if divided arpong them would make a number of editors happy. The cash in the banks and deposited by thetu iu other banks aruonuted to 8557,080.22. Any editor in the city would be williug to take this as his share of the resources. The tutal loaus and discouuts of the four bauks were $], 150,625. 40 aud the stocks, bonds and mortgages held, 11,299,153.89. The three state baüks had 62,392 iu gold in their vaultsaud$5.99-l of pilver coin. The National Bank does not divide these two items but unites tliPni uuder the headiiig of specie, whieh amountsd to 16,272. So thetotal gold and silver held ainonuted to 884,058. The mekles and penuies in the fonr banks arnounted S753.56. The banks are in good coudition and the conflcienee with which they are regarded is warranted.