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Wages Of Sin

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C3 A Book for Young and Old. C3 RECORD NERVOUS ■ ESH1878 BLOOD ■ Ujj 250,000 SKIN ft. W M DISEASEDr:f pRlVATE M m MEN DisEASEs m IzsmoocuredS i YOUNG MHHtorïs&H ■ whenignorantof the terrible crime you I W werocornmitting. Did youoniy consider W! 1.1 the fascinating al'urements of this evil J hH habit? When too late to avoid the LM ■ ■ rible results, were your eyes opened to I'S y your peril? Did you later on in 1m WK Lood contract any PRIVATE orBLOOD Wk IaM disease? Wereyoucured? DoyounowlJI ■ and thcn seesonie alarming symptoms? Ui ■ Dare you marry in your present ■ ■ dition ? You know, " LIKE FATIIER, ■ Ta LIKE SON." If mamelare you Ira Lu stantly living in dread? Is marriage a i3 Wïw failure withyouon accountof any Ê f3 ness caused by early abuse or later fl ■M cesses? liare you boen drugged with IH [72 mercury? Thisbookletwillpointoutto P3 Lij you the resulta of these crimes and point " ■ out how our NEW METHOD ■ ■ MENT will positively cure you. It ■ m shows how thousands have been savedby H 11 our NEW TREATMENT. It provea VA UU how we can ÖUARANTEE TO CURE Uw fg ANY CURABLE CASE OR NO PAY. Fl M We treat and oure- EMISSIONS, l Jm VARICOCELE, SYPIULIS. GLEET, {■! Z4 STRICTURE, IMPOTENCY, T J CRET DRAINS, UNNATURAL Uj ■ CHARGES. KIDNEY and BLADDER ■ ■ diseases. aCURESGUARANTEEDC ♦J "The Wagea of Sin" sent f ree by lT ■ enclosing 2c stamp. CONSULTATION Lj T FRKE. If unable to cali, write for Hl JJQÜBSTION BLANK for HOME Pi ■ TREATMENT. UM 3 Kennedy KerganR j Cor. Michigan Ave. and Shelby St. H " DETROIT, NIICH. W