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Ordinance Or State Law

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JIayor Allen, qf Ypsiiauti,. suys tnere is no hurry iu filing the complaiiits agaiust the Ypsilauti saloon keepers tor keepmg open ou July 4. Tbe uien are tnere acrl the complaints are ready bnt the questioasto whether the complaints will be made under the state law or city ordinance has not yet been determined. If the city ordinances are perfectly good, the complaiuts will be made uuder them. ünder the city ordiuance the fines wonld probably be less bnt it would all go into the city treasury. IL each of seven saloonkeepers were fiued $25, it would net tbe city $175. Fines unáer the state law would go into the couuty treasury and the city gets none of it excepting that its school board would get a small part of it for the school library. It is said that the saloonkeepers tbemsalves prefei to be fined nnder the city ordinance. It is probable that if it were certain that they would not coutest the validity of the ordiuances they would bb accommodated.