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Mr. Editor: - Now that vacatiou time has come, and tbere íis less local news, perhapa it inisht be of interest to parents and others interested in the education of the yonng, to get glimpses of tbe work that has been done in some of the departixieuta of the public schools. The superintndent.some of the teachers and those interested m education, have thongbt that it might serve as a stimulant to the popils if their work fonnd its way iuto the local papers and have desired yonr correspondent to luake short abstracts of the essays vrritten,and to subrnit them to you for publication. In corupliance with this wish, and by vote of the W. C. T. U. I submit the following, taken at random from the essays placed in iuy hands. FOOD. Our bodies may be compared to a steam engine. An engine must bav water and fuel to give it power, and so with oor bodies. They have to get nu tritioua substances to obtain from them energy necessary for our actions. A steam engine, it is said, from th first stroke of the piston-rod, is all th time weariug out, just ko with ou üodies, therefore we need enough foo to repair them. Foods are classed as nitrogenous au non-nitrogenous. The nitrogenous ar such as contain albumen, casedinfibri and glntten. At the head of the clas is albumen, white of esa. The curd o milk consista ïnaiuly of casein. iibnu exists in blood íresh íoodp. Gluten in wheat, rye, oats aud barley. Fats, oils, sugars, Staroh, etc., come uuder his head of non nitrogenous foods Inorgauic toods are salts, water, sulphnr, iroij, etc. Ii these minerals were taken from onr foods we wcuid become veak and die. We obtain hniu trom the water we driuk, and sulphnr froin the volks of eggs. Green vegtables foim a very essential part of our diet. ïhey are especially nutritious for the salts they contain. No esaut rule can be given as to the kind of food to be selected or the exact quautity to be taken, but each may learn by a httle care -what is best suited to his needs. God has kiudly given ns the sense of taste and many delicious foods to giatify it. Let us then nse these gifts, not abnsing them by taking alcohol or anythiug else thac will injure us so that to the end of life we may be able to enjoy ourselves and be a blessing to nthprs.