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Two Were Arrested

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Thomas Hession is in jail charged with an assault with intent to do great "bodily harm od Charles Krneger last Sunday. It will be reniewbered that Krneger, who is employed as a section hand on the Michigan Central, was found lyiug unconscions on Catherine st. , just back of Follhemus' barn with two cnts on the back of the head aud a bruised mouth. It is stated that there are three witnesses to the assanlt and that Krneger aconsed Hessions of lobbing him and that the latter hit üim two blows and fled. Hessious left the city but returned Wednesday and was arrestad at his hsine that eveniug by Uudersheriff Gillen and Offlcer Isbell. He was arraigned before Justice Dnft'y this rnorning and his examinaron fixed for next ïnesday. He was taken back to jail' in default of 200 bail. Asecond arrest was ruade Thursday afternoon in this cuse Henry Rahr bfiing taken into custody on tüe charge of robbing Krneger of 8 in nioney, a fS bill and three silver dollars. All the parties are said to have been in a saloon, where the money was taken frotn Krueger's pookec. Several saloons were complaiued of for keepiug open on that day. Krneger had been paid $21, bnt he claimed ouly to have had the $8, wben robbed. It was in the alley that Hessions was charged by Kraeger with the robbery. He called upon a passing motorman to search him, but the motorman declined to interfere aud Hessions shortly afterwards nsed his fists. Krneger, when in the justioe's office this morning, complained of feeling dizzy and was not able to teil an exceedingly well connected story.